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Environmental Compliance, Water Engineering Experts, Join Cardno’s Los Angeles Office

Parul Dubey on December 4, 2017 - in News, People

Los Angeles, CA – Cardno, Inc., is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Rex, QSD/QSP/QISP, and John Moreno have joined the firm as a Senior Consultant and Senior Project Consultant, respectively, in the company’s Los Angeles (Glendale), CA, USA, office.

Jeffrey has a marketing/business development background along with technical expertise in construction site management, stormwater, water quality, hazards and hazardous materials, and in providing technical reports for NEPA-CEQA (National Environmental Policy Act-California Environmental Quality Act). John has extensive experience in several disciplines, including land use planning, mitigation monitoring, and environmental compliance related to NEPA-CEQA. 


Jeffrey has nearly 15 years of environmental/engineering experience, providing project management and support for a number of industries, including airport and rail projects. John owns nearly 15 years of experience in a wide range of technical skills in environmental disciplines and has supported a number of projects related to transportation, alternative energy, and transmission lines.

Jeffrey has volunteered with the Arroyo SECO Foundation to support projects designed to revitalize the Arroyo SECO watershed, an important watershed providing a tributary to the Los Angeles River. John spends some of his free time teaching and tutoring English in the Los Angeles Public Library system.


“Jeffrey and John have developed and implemented a wide range of environmental plans for clients in a number of important industries across California,” said Cardno Business Unit Manager Tamara Klug. “They bring a broad perspective and will both work closely with our clients on building the programs, documents, and plans they need to get their work done as completely and efficiently as possible.”


About Cardno: Cardno is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company, with specialist expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. Cardno is an international company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange [ASX: CDD]. www.cardno.com

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