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Trace Software International to Launch elec calc BIM

Parul Dubey on November 26, 2017 - in News, Products, Technology

With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International, a leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering, is thrilled to announce that will launch elec calc™ BIM – a real game changer within the industry.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is here to stay, ready to disrupt old ways of doing things within the building industry. Previously, the design process in the construction industry – relied on multi-stage issuing of drawings – was characterized by fragmentation and poor collaboration between suppliers and contractors.

Nowadays all the stakeholders have access to the same database as BIM is a digital planning method that creates digital representations of buildings where all the information is shared during the whole project life cycle.


By placing information at the heart of the design project, it is easy to identify issues as it promotes interoperability.


Why elec calc BIM is a game changer?


This is the world’s first and only calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™ –  the electrical tool used in the calculation and sizing of projects – with different design platforms enabling the importation of the digital model in IFC4 format, generated by any 3D architectural software’s (Revit, Archicad…).

elec calc™ BIM offers engineers, developers, installers, energy producers and distributors, a uniquely powerful tool for sizing electrical installations. Including calculation models that will ensure rapid project development and a high-calculation-quality.  

Even when all stakeholders contributing to a project are working from the coordinated model, if that model only reflects the design elements of the asset then its value is still limited.

elec calc™ BIM  features the ability to build the one-line diagram from the explorer and also build the one-line diagram from the 3D mock-up.  elec calc™ BIM allows information to be shared by different participants along the different stages of design, construction and operation. From the aspect of cable routing you have the ability for the calculation of cable lengths, and of the added cables as objects in the layout.elec calc™ BIM – it provides a powerful way to access the BIM objects thanks to the partnership with BIM&CO and stay current with this growing requirement of collaborative working.

 It’s understandable that model checking has tremendous importance for BIM. Model checking is a central element in design projects and by extension in BIM. With elec calc™ BIM, 3D model updates are available, import a review of IFC and receive a notification of the changes in the installation one-line diagram – Export IFC and BCF. 

 By gathering and including real field data, the design, construction and management of a project can be based on reality. elec calc™ BIM  ensures the integrity of the project, which allows for more precise decision-making and therefore cost reduction and time -saving.

With BIM representing the essential digital revolution in the building industry, elec calc™ BIM is the unique electrical design solution aimed to those who do not want to stay behind. Discover all the advantages here elec calc BIM  or download the free trial version

It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download a 30-day free trial version: FREE TRIAL.


About Trace Software International

With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International is a company specialized in the development of software solutions and services dedicated to the industrial engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.  With a double expertise, both technological and engineering-focused, TSI not only satisfy their clients’ needs but also design innovative solutions able to disrupt old habits and providing decisive advantages in terms of safety and profitability.  Trace Software International has subsidiaries in France, Spain and Morocco in addition to a worldwide presence via distributors and authorized partners.


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