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Murrieta, Calif. Deploys Public Safety GIS Solution

Matt Ball on February 25, 2013 - in Corporate, Emergency

GIS capabilities for public safety agencies have advanced significantly over the last few years. The City of Murrieta, Calif. Police Department has continued to upgrade their technology to ensure that they have the latest tools.  Murrieta recently moved to a new computer aided dispatch (CAD) vendor (Cyrun – Scotts Valley, CA).  Murrieta had recently deployed a suite of ArcGIS Server based public safety tools from Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) and wanted to continue to leverage this investment.  Murrieta staff approached Cyrun and GTG to inquire as to the portability of their existing GeoBlade public safety suite.  Cyrun and GTG worked together to make sure that GeoBlade Dispatch, GeoBlade AVL, GeoBlade Crimes and GeoBlade Mobile were integrated with the Cyrun CAD and RMS.  The City has spent a considerable amount of effort on their GIS initiatives helping first responders, dispatchers, and officers carry out their duties ensuring officer and citizen safety.  By leveraging GeoBlade Dispatch, GeoBlade Mobile, GeoBlade AVL, and GeoBlade Crimes, Murrieta’s police department continues to have the right software to make intelligent, timely decisions.

The GeoBlade suite allows a seamless sharing of data between all users within the Police Department.  By leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Server and connecting to their Cyrun CAD and RMS platforms, GeoBlade displays mission critical information to help Police and Fire officers save time, money, and lives.  First responders in the field now show Cyrun calls for service along with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) via a touch-screen environment with GeoBlade Mobile.  GeoBlade Dispatch provides a host of critical data to the Murrieta dispatchers along with a robust set of GIS functionality to assist the officers while they are en-route.  GeoBlade Crimes is leveraged by the crime analysts and shift commanders to identify crime trends.

GTG is the winner of the 2011 Esri International Mobile GIS Application Award and the 2012 Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award.

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