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Specification Section: Retaining Walls and Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE)

Parul Dubey on October 16, 2017 - in Articles, Directory, Retaining Wall, Showcase, specification section

Retaining walls, MSE and soil-retention products continue to evolve, as does the software that designs these systems and simulates their performance. The following resource aims to serve those who design and model such structures as well as specify the materials and products for projects.

Creative Pultrusions Inc.

Creative Pultrusions is a manufacturer of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite sheet pile and piling products.

SuperLoc® sheet pile is an alternative to aluminum, concrete, steel and wood, and will not corrode, decay or spall, which reduces maintenance costs and future replacements. Available in 6”, 8” and 10” high sheets.

SUPERPILE® piling products were developed to replace steel, wood, concrete and thermoplastic piles. They are extremely lightweight, high strength, easy to fabricate and have a lower installed cost. Available in 10”, 12” and 16” diameters.

Andrew Swindell

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Allan Block Corp.

Allan Block is a leading provider of patented retaining wall systems for any commercial, roadway or residential project. With more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of millions of square feet of Allan Block in the ground, we can deliver quality and performance. Our vast knowledge and experience has led us to have training as our top priority, with our courses offering continuing education credits. Our AB Contractor Certification Class, Best Practices Engineering Presentation and AB Walls Design Software tutorial are always in high demand. Offering the largest library of tools available in the industry to plan, design and build a retaining wall that include estimating and design Apps, video installation, design details and software, and much more from allanblock.com. Contact us for your next project to ensure success.

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AquaBlok Ltd.

AquaBlok provides a range of fine-grained powder-coated materials that address a variety of geotechnical sealing and sediment remediation applications. Highly versatile, AquaBlok® products are used in anti-seep collars/trench dams, pond/basin construction and repair, cut-off walls and dam rehabilitation, synthetic liner repair, and more. AquaBlok uses a patented “composite particle” system that consists of coating limestone aggregate with the highest-quality powdered sodium bentonite clay. By doing this, AquaBlok has Built a Better Bentonite™. These materials provide targeted delivery, simplified handling, structural stability, reliable durability and a consistent seal. Blanket over permeable soils without blending, stop seepage around pipes and control structures without compaction, and so much more. Apply dry during construction or through standing water. For more information, visit www.aquablok.com.

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Belgard, part of Oldcastle® Architectural, offers a complete collection of paver and wall products for outdoor living spaces, walkways, driveways, parking areas and retaining walls. Available in a range of styles, premium Belgard products have been found in America’s finest homes as well as award-winning commercial and retail properties since 1995. For more information, visit Belgard.com or call 1-877-Belgard (235-4273).

Brent Hostetler

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Big R Bridge

Big R Bridge, a member of the AIL Group of Companies, is a world leader in developing innovative engineered solutions in Prefabricated Bridges, Structural Plate, MSE Wall Systems, Sound Wall Systems, and Corrugated Metal Pipe for the transportation, public works, railway, mining, forestry and private-development market sectors. Their Vist-A-Wall MSE Systems (formerly T&B Structural Systems) have been adding value and innovation to America’s most successful infrastructure projects for nearly 20 years. The company has handled thousands of projects to date, and their historically proven retaining wall systems are continually chosen by top contractors in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.

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Boulderscape Inc.

Boulderscape is a leader in the installation of structural and architectural shotcrete wall finishes nationwide. BSI specializes in more than 60 styles of shotcrete wall finishes from geology, masonry, Class A flat wall finishes to artistic imprints. BSI has installed more than 9 million square feet of wall finishes over a variety of retaining wall systems such as soil nail walls, soldier pile walls, sheet pile, lagging, secant, caisson and cast-in-place walls.

Steve Jimenez

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IES – QuickRWall

Design your retaining walls quickly and with complete confidence in QuickRWall. This tool provides the power and flexibility to check cantilever, gravity or restrained walls made of reinforced concrete and/or masonry block. The software provides complete calculation details, including sketches, graphics and reports that look (and check) like hand calculations. You will handle all types of soils, lateral and surcharge loading, seismic calculations, and restrictions on footings due to property boundaries.

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Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

Throughout the 30-plus years Keystone Retaining Wall Systems has been in business, we and our network of producers have become the world’s leading source of retaining wall and landscape site solutions as well as a leader in the development, marketing and sales of these solutions. Keystone products are available around the globe, with distribution channels and production facilities in almost every U.S. state and more than 35 countries.

Keystone Hardscapes has evolved since we started, and it is now a complete hardscape line featuring Keystone’s trusted retaining wall solutions, patio stones, pavers, edgers and outdoor living elements such as fireplaces, kitchens and fire pits. Visit our website for inspiration, design guides, installation and specification manuals, and to view our full line of concrete masonry products.

John Schramm

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Hayward Baker

Hayward Baker, a Keller company, provides the complete range of geotechnical construction techniques and design-build services for the construction of temporary or permanent retaining walls. Geotechnical construction solutions can include excavation support, slope stabilization or remediation of existing retaining walls. Hayward Baker designs and installs all types of earth retention techniques, including anchors, gabion systems, micropile slide stabilization system (MS3), secant or tangent piles, sheet piles, soil mix walls, soil nailing, sculpted shotcrete, and soldier piles and lagging. Hayward Baker has in-house design capabilities and is highly experienced and knowledgeable in earth retention, enabling us to successfully and efficiently perform common applications as well as complex soil-structure interaction projects.

Jeffrey Hill

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LOCK+LOAD is a unique patented retaining wall technology that is available through licensees worldwide.

The LOCK+LOAD modular cantilever design is independent as well as self-anchoring. A major factor is that it allows for consistent backfill compaction all the way to the wall face. Uniform adequate compaction is key for MSEW wall construction. Also, paving, fences and barriers can be constructed adjacent to the wall face.

LOCK+LOAD components are wet-cast from high-strength, air-entrained, reinforced concrete and simply lock together for easy construction.

LOCK+LOAD is a proven facing for any retaining structure: MSE, soil nail/anchor, H-pile or GRS walls.

Available in various formed finishes. LOCK+LOAD is formed in recycled plastic molds and provides guaranteed performance.

David Ash

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MacLean Civil Products

MPS Civil Products is part of MacLean-Fogg, a diversified international manufacturing enterprise with more than half a billion dollars in sales. A result of the acquisition and merger of Joslyn, Dixie and Foresight, the three most-prominent soil anchor manufacturers, MPS Civil Products is now one of the leading suppliers of steel deep-foundation systems for use in residential, commercial and marine applications. Our comprehensive product line for residential and commercial applications includes engineered solutions for tension, compression and structural stabilization in many different soils. When Quality and Service is your focus, Solutions are the result.

Dennis Poteat

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MMFX Steel Corp.

MMFX® Steel Corp. offers high-strength concrete reinforcing steels (ChrõmX®) with varying levels of corrosion resistance. Designers utilize the high-strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of the structure to meet the targeted service life. 

Utilizing the high strength of ChrõmX rebar (Grades 100 and 120), designers reduce construction costs, shorten build times, resolve rebar congestion issues, enhance site safety and improve sustainability. Building codes and design guides supporting high-strength designs are available through the ACI, ICC and AASTHO.

ChrõmX rebar’s uncoated, corrosion resistance is derived from the steel’s chemistry and microstructure rather than relying on fragile coatings, resulting in a bar that can be handled and fabricated just like conventional rebar, without the risk of damage, repair or inspection problems.

Bassam Saddawi

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The Neel Company

The T-WALL® Retaining Wall System by The Neel Company provides solutions for a variety of applications. The monolithic, steel-reinforced, precast T-WALL units offer a long-term “set it and forget it” solution. Complete design support, technical assistance, and sealed drawings are all included in the T-WALL package.

Thirty years of experience allow us to provide reliable custom solutions for highway, bridge and rail. Our clients include the country’s largest consultants and contractors, DOTs, and rail.

Our engineers work with you to create innovative solutions to fit your needs. Our system provides cost savings by reducing or eliminating ground improvement and minimizing construction time.

Visit our website to learn more about the T-WALL Retaining Wall System.

Jessie Lewis

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ReCon Wall Systems Inc.

ReCon Wall Systems, along with its family of more than 50 licensed producers, provides a wide range of wet-cast retaining wall products. By focusing on providing solutions and adding value, ReCon has carefully crafted and engineered each of its blocks to serve a specific purpose. With an industry-leading number of block depths for gravity walls and an efficient, tested and proven option for MSE walls, ReCon is the ideal solution for even the most challenging grade-separation project.

ReCon offers five distinct face textures, each having its own unique natural or cut-stone appearance. To allow owners, architects and engineers increased flexibility, ReCon has a full lineup of freestanding and column blocks to accompany its broad variety of retaining wall blocks. For more information, visit reconwalls.com.

Michael S. Klotthor, P.E.

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Redi-Rock International

Redi-Rock International is the leading big-block retaining wall company with more than 130 manufacturers across North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Middle East. Redi-Rock retaining walls utilize blocks weighing one ton each. The massive scale of the system allows walls to be built much higher than other systems without using geogrid or tie-backs. Taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with our geo-connector. Redi-Rock’s product line includes retaining walls, freestanding walls, columns, caps, steps and more to create a multitude of design options for commercial and residential projects.

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Ridgerock Retaining Walls

Ridgerock Retaining Walls products combine the strength and dependability of durable concrete with the beauty of our various styles and color options. We welcome you to experience a retaining wall product that is unique, functional, strong and architecturally alluring.

Our revolutionary, user-friendly concrete shear key system was developed in 1998 to provide block-to-block shear resistance without the need for cumbersome pins or clips. This fully patented design is trusted by engineers, architects and contractors alike, and provides the perfect site solutions for everything from residential and commercial needs to industrial and DOT-regulated projects.

Unique product and design differences include:

• Variety in product face designs

• Many product styles and color palettes

• Durability that can last for decades

• Ability to create walls and structures that are straight, curved, cornered and stepped

• Ease of installation with on-staff engineers available for special usage scenarios

Bill Brassil

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RISAFoundation is the ultimate tool for analysis and design of a variety of different foundation types—all within an open modeling environment. RISAFoundation designs concrete and masonry retaining walls as well as two-way mat slabs, spread footings, grade beams, piles and pile caps. The addition of punching shear checks, rebar design, and international codes make it the smart choice for engineers.

Use the RISA Building System to automate the total building design. Start in RISAFloor to design the gravity system. Then take the model to RISA-3D for lateral design. RISAFoundation will finish the design by synchronizing the load transfer from the RISA-3D and RISAFloor models. Total building design has never been easier.

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Soil Retention

VERDURA® is a fully plantable retaining wall system that provides the strength and function of a standard retaining wall with the added ability to sustain live plantings. VERDURA® blocks are made of low-moisture-absorbing concrete that will not deteriorate over time. Because of the high shear strength from the lip of the block, VERDURA® allows for soil compaction directly behind the blocks, facilitating the use of heavy construction equipment within close proximity to the wall face. VERDURA® applications include hillside development, bridge abutments, channel walls, detention basin walls, screen and sound walls.

Soil Retention has been manufacturing, designing and installing VERDURA® retaining walls throughout California for more than 25 years without a failure! VERDURA® is Caltrans approved up to 40 feet!

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SRW Products

SRW Products is an expert in retaining walls. Free Preliminary Designs help you prepare accurate retaining wall estimations. The Pros Guides show you how to bid, plan and build quality retaining walls 8 feet and under. Stamped Engineering, for walls under 8 feet, is available for $595 through Hardscape Technical Services. Save time and money with Earthworks Retaining Wall System: no concrete footings, no mortar, no kidding! SRW Products offers a full spectrum of top-of-the-line products leading the way to better, stronger, longer-lasting projects. Product lines include Adhesive, Fabric, Geogrid, Sealers, Cleaners, Polymeric Sand, Erosion Control, Wall Systems & Engineering, Concrete Fibers, Diamond Blades, and more.

Marah Studniski

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StoneWall SELECT Retaining Wall System

StoneWall® SELECT® is a dry-stacked, segmental, modular concrete retaining wall system. Since StoneWall SELECT was introduced to the market in 1989, it has been successfully used in walls up to 40 feet high in level and surcharge conditions.

StoneWall SELECT employs the use of soil-reinforcing grids beginning at walls 36” and above for non-surcharge conditions and good soil, and it’s designed specifically to be used with soil-reinforcing grids. The granular fill in the cores, in combination with the interlocking clips, provides the connection between the grid and the units that is second to none.

StoneWall SELECT units meet or exceed the specifications for segmental retaining wall units, ASTM C 1372-97. These requirements assure a product of lasting durability, integrity and beauty.

Patrick E. Dean

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Tensar’s® new Olympia® Retaining Wall System features a single block that can be set horizontally and vertically, creating limitless pattern options. This allows designers to create ashlar patterns, pilasters, stacked-bond borders or virtually any other pattern with just one block. Multiple colors allow rich aesthetics without the need for custom-sized small or vertical blocks. And each 0.89 SF Olympia block weighs approximately 65 pounds, making it one of the lightest systems per square foot. Lighter weight means less concrete to make, ship and place. Manufacturing efficiency, shipping efficiency, lighter weight and limitless aesthetic options with fewer blocks … that’s Olympia by Tensar. Contact Product Manager Steve Luptak and mention this ad for a free preliminary Olympia retaining wall design.

Steve Luptak

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VERSA-LOK is the industry’s original solid, top-pinning segmental retaining wall system, offering unequalled design versatility and ease of installation. Available in the classic split-face or a vintage Weathered texture, VERSA-LOK Standard can create walls, curves, multiangle corners, stairs, and freestanding walls and columns without specialty pieces or cores to fill. Or select from VERSA-LOK Cobble, Accent, Harmony and Ultra systems, which can work in concert with the VERSA-LOK Standard units to create natural-looking designs. The VERSA-LOK Mosaic system can be used to build stunning random-pattern walls to 50 feet or taller. When you need economy, VERSA-LOK Square Foot and Nexus will do the job and look great. Heavyweight options VERSA-LOK Bronco, Bronco II and Brute have the heft and coverage to tackle any job. VERSA-Green is a unique, plantable wall system.

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WestBlock Systems

WestBlock Systems develops patented dry stacked concrete products and architectural faces for use in landscape, hardscape, structural earth retention and fencing. Products can be utilized in most every niche within the segmental retaining wall and fence markets. A primary goal of WestBlock Systems family of products is to provide efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing, installation and structural design. Alignment systems feature pinned and pin-less configurations. Face textures provide for Abraded Face, Forged, split and smooth face options. Structural systems include multiple-depth gravity structures, single-depth gravity and MSE. Hardscape systems for below- and above-ground use, capable of creating outdoor living features, including above- and below-grade wall, parapets, planters, columns, ramps, stairs, 90-degree and radius corners, and vertical and battered walls.

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