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Leica Survey Uncovers Latest Insights on Use of Technology Tools in AEC Community

Parul Dubey on October 12, 2017 - in Technology

Norcross, Georgia  – Architects, engineers and construction pros anticipate the latest technologies such as augmented reality, BIM and 3D imaging laser scanning will have a significant impact on their jobs over the next three years. Yet they have concerns about the return on investment and learning curves associated with the adoption of these new technologies. These insights, along with others on the use of new technologies on the job were uncovered in a recent U.S. survey conducted by Leica Geosystems, industry leader in measurement technology. 


When asked, “Which of the following technologies will have the biggest impact on your job over the next three years?” participants responded:


3D Imaging Laser Scanning:               48 percent

Augmented Reality:                            24 percent

BIM:                                                    14 percent

Drones:                                                9 percent

Robots:                                                5 percent


While 3D laser scanning was at the top of the list of the technologies with the biggest impact, when it came to using it, participants had mixed levels of experience. According to the survey, 33 percent are familiar with the concept of 3D laser scanning, but have never worked directly with it. Another 29 percent either provide a laser scanning service or use a scanner and work directly with the data. Among the 21 percent who do use scanning data, the data is provided to them from someone else. The remaining 17 percent responded that laser scanning is new to them.


Before investing in new technologies, architects, engineers and construction pros rely primarily on the online insight provided by their peers. In response to the question, “Which of the following online media tools do you reference before investing in new technology?” with options for “rarely,” “sometimes,” and “never,” survey participants reported the following under “most often”:


Product reviews:                                 63 percent

Tutorial videos:                                   61 percent

End user videos/blogs:                       55 percent

Online forums:                                    37 percent

Online news/media sources:             29 percent


In ranking the top three concerns when adopting new technology at work, survey participants first cited an unknown timeframe for return on investment, followed by a steep learning curve, and finding a qualified employee to use the technology.


The survey was conducted in August 2017 among architects, engineers, and construction professionals that have reserved a BLK360, the world’s smallest 3D imaging laser scanner.


About Leica Geosystems 

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