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Trident Processes Inc. Receives Prestigious 2018 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Business

Parul Dubey on October 10, 2017 - in Awards, Events

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia – Trident Processes has received the prestigious Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses for 2018. This award is given annually to 25 private businesses across Canada.

“Excellence Canada would like to congratulate the entire team from Trident Processes on being awarded the Canadian Business Excellence Award (CBEA) for Private Businesses,” stated Allan Ebedes, President and CEO of Excellence Canada.

Trident has commercialized a unique process for recovering and repurposing valuable resources from livestock manure and municipal wastewater. Its technologies recover nutrients and other resources which is a growing focus of agricutural, municipal and industrial wastewater industries. The company has grown exponentially the past three years capturing notice of important clients, including some of the largest and most influential dairy farms and municipal districts in Canada and the USA.

This award is presented by Excellence Canada and PwC Canada and is a special recognition of Canadian businesses that demonstrate exemplary performance of strategic plans and exceptional achievement of their business goals.  Applicant’s companies are evaluated by an independent adjudication committee from organizations that include BC Business Magazine, CEO Global Network, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Carleton University, CPA Canada, MaRS, PwC Canada, and Excellence Canada.

“I continue to be amazed at the level of recognition our company has been able to achieve the past couple of years,” states an exuberant Kerry Doyle, CEO of Trident Processes, at a posh awards ceremony held at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. “Who would have thought a small company that processes dairy manure and municipal wastewater would be receiving an award alongside big consulting firms, bankers and IT professionals?”

This award follows another award presented for innovative technology by the US Environmental Protection Agency in April 2016 at the White House, and in July 2016, Kerry Doyle was invited by the Honourable Ed Fast, Vice Chair of the Canadian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to present the benefits of Trident’s technology and the benefits it has for clients and the environment.

“It highlights the importance of the work we are doing,” says Doyle. “Just tonight a Toronto TV newscast reported on the distructive affects algae blooms are having on Lake Erie. Our nutrient recovery technology focuses on solving exactly those problems.”

Trident’s technologies are in lock-step with innovative adoptors looking for ways to achieve more sustainable practices and recover value from their waste streams. They are good for the environment and able to protect or even add to the operator’s bottom fiscal line.

While, Trident’s unique technologies had their inception in the agricultural sector there is also interest from the municipal wastewater sector. In early 2017, Trident test piloted a sludge dewatering system at one of the largest municipal wastewater districts in the USA. “It’s still too early to publish the data,” says Doyle, “but the results look very promising. The technology integrates well into existing municipal wastewater systems and has the potential to save districts a lot of money.”

Trident Processes, Inc. is an integrated resource recovery company headquartered in British Columbia with proprietary technologies for processing wastewater and sludge. Trident’s technologies process wastewater and sludge into clean water and recovers other valuable components for reuse. Trident uses specialized equipment and proprietary processes specific to customer projects. Trident technologies can be found worldwide on waste stream projects for industries such as agricultural operations, waste treatment plants, and food processing operations. www.tridentprocesses.com

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