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Greenbyte Releases a Series of Infographics on Renewable Energy in Europe

Parul Dubey on October 4, 2017 - in Energy, Renewables

Renewable energy software company Greenbyte releases a series of infographics on renewable energy production in the European Union. After covering Germany, it is time to take a closer look at the renewable electricity generation in the UK.

The infographic focuses on wind, solar and hydro power statistics from 2015 and sheds light on today’s renewable energy market as well as its evolution in Europe over the past 10 years.

“We conducted an analysis of the European renewable energy market for internal purposes and quickly realized that our findings could be of interest not only to our customers but also to the industry at large. We were impressed to discover that 77% of last year’s electrical capacity growth was due to renewable energy and that thanks to renewable energy sources, the emissions in the UK has been reduced by 39 Mton CO2. These numbers are a testament to the growing importance of renewable energy sources in future energy development”. – says Fredrik Larsson, CMO at Greenbyte.

Greenbyte aims to provide the leading independent software service for the growing renewable energy industry through which renewable energy owners, operators and other stakeholders can obtain valuable insights leading to increased profit. 

Greenbyte makes the industry-leading independent renewable energy management systems Breeze and Bright – used globally by wind energy and solar PV owners, operators and asset managers to capture the full potential of renewable energy projects. Power plants are remotely connected to Greenbyte’s software resulting in a single powerful tool to monitor, analyze, plan and control diverse renewable energy portfolios of any size. Currently over 9 GW of renewable energy across 5 continents and 25+ countries are monitored in Greenbyte’s software.

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