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SKUR Launches Assisted Model Alignment and Integrated Workflow to Turn Design Deviation Insights into Actions

Parul Dubey on October 5, 2017 - in News, Products, Technology

OAKLAND, California – October 5, 2017 – SKUR, the pioneer in providing as-built construction insights, today announced the launch of industry-leading innovations to make deviation detection much more streamlined and actionable. Assisted Alignment, which overcomes the need for Ground Control Points (GCPs) when aligning design and point-cloud models, and the integrated Approval Workflow, which drives accountability for deviations, are available to all SKUR customer tiers.

SKUR bridges the physical and digital divide by reconciling the differences between design intent and actual on the ground conditions. SKUR makes deviation detection scalable across job sites and helps customers, such as Bechtel, identify and address potential issues early in the process, which reduces project delays and cost over-runs.

“The construction industry has faced two significant hurdles regarding the rapid adoption of deviation detection technology,” said Adam Cohen, founder and CEO of SKUR. “Today’s announcement from SKUR eliminates them both. You can now get accurate results without waiting for GCPs from surveyors, and you can also ensure relevant deviations never fall through the cracks again.”

The accuracy of deviation detection analysis is dependent on a precise comparison of a 3D CAD model to the corresponding as-built point-cloud model. Historically, GCPs have been required due to differing coordinate origins and orientations of the models. This typically extends a project by several weeks while waiting for a surveyor to visit the site and capture GCPs. SKUR’s industry-first, Assisted Alignment functionality eliminates the need for GCPs in most cases by allowing users to simply identify similar surfaces within each model. Sophisticated algorithms can then precisely align the models without a loss of fidelity, reducing time and cost to get results. What used to take weeks now takes minutes.

SKUR Approval Workflow

SKUR is also introducing an integrated, variance detection Approval Workflow that drives accountability and reduces business risk. For the first time within a single platform, users can identify variances, “Approve” or assign colleagues and contractors to address specific issues, and audit that the work was done. Integrated messaging capabilities and the Approval Workflow now make the SKUR As-Built Data Platform the central source of truth for all matters regarding deviations.

To learn more about today’s announcement please visit http://skur.com /solutions-overview/

About SKUR
SKUR is the global pioneer in SaaS construction analytics and is trusted by industry leaders.  SKUR bridges the physical and digital divide with the industry’s first As-Built Data Platform.  Visualize Variance™ by easily and accurately comparing design intent to actual conditions.  SKUR is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in Houston, Texas. To learn more visit www.skur.com and join the conversation @SKUR_Inc.

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