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GRM FieldForms Connects Intelligent Data Collection in the Field to the Cloud

Parul Dubey on October 2, 2017 - in News, Products, Technology

JERSEY CITY, NJ – GRM Information Management, a leader in enterprise content management and records management, has introduced FieldForms. FieldForms is the latest advancement in GRM’s SaaS-based Intelligent Forms technology that incorporates intelligence behind distinct data fields in order to deliver higher quality and more efficient data collection. The new offline version of GRM’s cloud-based forms solution, FieldForms, delivers the same benefits without requiring internet connectivity during the data collection process.

Designed with field personnel in mind, FieldForms is an invaluable tool for employees such as inspectors who spend the majority of their time out of the office, where internet connectivity may not be available by virtue of either the remoteness of the location or security restrictions. Working offline, these employees can input data into GRM’s FieldForms and then all collected data is saved to and automatically synchronized with GRM’s digital enterprise content management platform or to a designated third party platform when connectivity with the cloud is restored. The solution is affordable to extend to a large field-based workforce or contractor by virtue of GRM’s unique community licensing model.

 “Different industries, different departments and different job functions have unique needs related to the collection, organization and management of data. FieldForms is another example of how the GRM platform is capable of addressing those needs,” comments GRM CEO, Avner Schneur.

The FieldForms solution introduces advanced intelligence and logic to the data collection process. FieldForms is capable of presenting data collection fields in a manner that best suits the process and previous use of the form. For example, the answer input into one field may dictate what other fields require input and what field is presented next for data input. This intelligence-driven experience ultimately improves quality and accuracy of data collected as well as minimizes data collection omissions.

CEO, Schneur adds, “The quality of data available to inform business decisions has always been and always will be the determining factor in deciding whether data is valuable or not. FieldForms is an intelligent tool that helps ensure data integrity is maintained, data sets are complete, accurate and actionable.”

Beyond FieldForms helping to deliver higher quality data, they also help reduce the time required to collect and deliver the data to relevant parties. That efficiency results in higher service levels being achieved within an organization and with clients. And of exceptional importance, this SaaS-based forms solution is easy to deploy, flexible and scalable across the enterprise.

About GRM

GRM Information Management is a leading provider of digital information management and document management solutions. The company brings technology innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document storage, records management, data protection, on demand scanning/imaging, digital/electronic document management, enterprise content management and certified destruction.

Integrated products and services include:  remote inventory control, a cloud-based document repository, workflow automation technology, a blended paper-to-digital migration solution, medical Release of Information, a regulatory research tool and consultative Compliance/Governance expertise.  This comprehensive suite of services is available in most major markets throughout the U.S. GRM is currently the largest document storage/records management company in China and recently opened locations in Lima, Peru, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Bogota, Columbia. For more information, visit the GRM web site at www.grmdocumentmanagement.com

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