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Socrata Provides an Open Data Field Guide

Matt Ball on February 14, 2013 - in Corporate

The volume of information available in 21st century democracies has made their citizens some of the most informed and empowered people in history. Now, the governments serving this tech-savvy, data-hungry public are under immense pressure to deliver public information as efficiently as Yelp publishes restaurant reviews.

The good news it that, out of all this demand and pressure, a new technology has emerged to make delivering public information easy and inexpensive: open data.

The field of open data uses new tools like cloud-based technology and APIs to help government agencies get more information out to citizens than ever before. And, they can spend less time and money than ever before to do so.

Forward-thinking governments have already embraced and begun to experiment with this burgeoning field. They’ve created real-time dashboards with government performance metrics, APIs to help developers build apps using public information, and more.

The open data movement is gaining strength every day, and the lessons learned by its pioneers are now coming to light. Socrata has taken the time to talk to these leaders and collect their learnings into one resource, “The Open Data Field Guide.”

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