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CH2M-Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Partnership Delivers Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Benefits

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2017 - in Water

This year the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (APSC) is celebrating the 40th anniversary of operations of the 800-mile Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Today, the pipeline continues to play a critical role in boosting economic health, community and business partnerships, while demonstrating environmental excellence and stewardship.

CH2M has partnered with APSC for more than 27 years providing engineering and design services, as well as broader management services from procurement to fabrication and construction, and emergency services and equipment as needed.

As a viable component of Alaska’s economy and the nation’s energy infrastructure, TAPS helps fuel Alaska government and businesses, communities, schools and nonprofit organizations. Over the years APSC’s critical operations and services has created jobs and opportunities for thousands of workers and Alaskans.

Our partnership with Alyeska began in 1990 with the construction of the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT) Ballast Water Treatment plant, according to Terry Bailey, CH2M Senior Vice President and Regional Manager. A few years later in 1994, CH2M subsidiaries provided engineering and project management services from Pump Station 1 all the way to the VMT and points in between along the 800 mile TAPS. Most recently our services continued to support projects at Pump Station 1 and the VMT, as well as in the beautiful Prince William Sound.

APSC’s partnership has created positive and challenging project and program opportunities to deliver problem-solving solutions through collaboration with all stakeholders and the contracting community. From Pump Station 1 to the VMT, this collaboration led to multi-discipline teams delivering on design engineering packages for main line valve replacements, pump station pipeline bypass, maintenance projects, control system upgrades, storm water upgrades, facility modifications, corrosion investigations, metering upgrades, tank remediations, and more.

As with most true partnerships, our companies share similar values, including a strong commitment to safety and protection for people and the environment as well as to the State of Alaska and the local Alaskan workforce. Along with Alyeska, CH2M is one of the original supporters of Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) beginning in the mid-1990s, supporting science and technology education and development programs for Alaska’s native students. CH2M staff have received several Alyeska Atigun Awards that the company bestows annually for safety, innovation, environment and other aspects of work on TAPS.

Our anniversary well wishes to APSC included our collective sentiment that “At CH2M, we take pride in doing great work for great clients and strong communities. Our enduring business partnerships with APSC / TAPS over the years are world-class, and a testament to the power of collaboration benefiting many stakeholders.”

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