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Oilon Group Provides Combustion Technology to Veolia Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility in Singapore

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2017 - in Land Development, Remediation/redevelopment

Oilon Group strengthens its position as a supplier of combustion solutions for hazardous waste treatment facilities. In total, Oilon has delivered more than 30 combustion solutions for the facilities. More and more plants are being built in Asia.

Oilon got a new deal with the big, international waste management company Veolia. Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management. The company provides innovative waste and water treatment solutions.

Veolia in Singapore

In Singapore, Veolia provides all environmental protection services such as integrated hazardous and municipal waste treatment and recycling, industrial services, public cleansing and water management.

Veolia has more than 800 employees in Singapore and 163 000 colleagues around the world. The company is strongly committed to providing innovative solutions which are based on best practices, environmental protection and a better quality of life.  

Oilon won the bid competition for the delivery of complete combustion system. Previously, Oilon has delivered two similar burner systems to Veolia, China.

This project:

Owner Veolia ES Singapore Industrial Pte. Ltd

Veolia Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility

19 Tuas Avenue 12 Singapore

The deal includes two burner deliveries, valve units for fuel distribution and control and an automation system.

The consignment forms a part of the core technology of the plant and is a complete delivery. In addition to good combustion results and emission reporting, excellent usability is also a key issue in the delivery. The solution pays attention to steady combustion, which is particularly important in hazardous waste incineration plants where different stoppages caused by burnable material could be tricky.

The project strictly complies with the European Union emission standards and the highest international safety and environmental standards.

Oilon’s company in China that made the deal is called Oilon Burners Wuxi Co.Ltd. The CEO of Oilon China, Sami Pekkola, is pleased with this new business opportunity that has been launched in China three years ago and sees these hazardous waste incineration plants as a good addition to Oilon’s other burner trade. Generally, the deliveries are geared towards replacing coal with gas in district heating and steam production. In gas combustion, China requires lower emissions by 70% compared to Europe in general. This reduction of emissions concerns especially Beijing. 

Founded in 1961, Oilon is a Finnish family-owned energy and environmental technology company. Oilon manufactures burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels and industrial heat pumps and cooling plants.

Addition to US, Oilon has production facilities in Finland and China. The company has sales offices in Russia, Brazil, and United States as well as resellers in more than 30 countries. Over 60% of Oilon’s revenue comes from foreign operations.


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