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Houston-based Sunnova Energy Corporation Rallies After Second Hurricane in Two Weeks

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2017 - in Energy

HOUSTON Sunnova Energy Corporation, a leading residential solar service provider in Houston, TX has launched their hurricane relief plan in Puerto Rico to support their solar partners, dealers and nearly 10,000 customers in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

As the largest residential solar provider in Puerto Rico, the top concern facing Sunnova at this point is the electrical grid. “We are ready and prepared to deal with equipment loss and failures, but with the grid down, those of our systems without battery service are unable to operate,” said Sunnova’s Chief Executive Officer, John Berger.

In preparation for Hurricane Irma, the team at Sunnova readied themselves to jump into action to help restore customers’ solar services as quickly as possible. Currently, Sunnova has received minimal reports back from customers who experienced damage to their systems, and encourage customers to continue reporting any potential damage. Sunnova’s goal is to have customers back up and running as quickly as the grid is restored by PREPA.

“We have pre-positioned our service teams to respond to affected customers after Hurricane Irma passes to make sure that their systems are operating as expected,” said Sunnova’s Sr. VP of Commercial Operations, John Santo Salvo. “That’s a big part of the service model that Sunnova, unlike many others, provides its customers. This type of dedication to service and customer experience is what sets Sunnova apart from other solar companies out there. Thanks to our solar service agreement, our customers don’t need to worry about finding someone to fix a system damaged by the hurricane—we take care of that for them.”

“One of the outcomes of these recent hurricanes is that people are beginning to understand the value of batteries and solar,” said Berger. “They see the need for more resiliency and consistency in their power, which is best accomplished by having solar and storage service for their homes.”


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