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Sponsored: MicroStation CONNECT Edition – The Foundation of Efficient Civil Engineering Design Workflows

Parul Dubey on September 6, 2017 - in Articles, Feature, Featured

Most of us must work with various file formats, integrate multiple disciplines, and improve project workflow efficiency. With all the different applications used by the many consultants that collaborate on today’s design projects, a lack of interoperability between software products represents a huge risk.

That’s where Bentley Systems comes in.  MicroStation CONNECT Edition, and all Bentley BIM applications, are built on the same comprehensive modeling platform so that users can easily progress MicroStation work into discipline-specific BIM workflows. That means you can:

MicroStation enables you to rapidly model projects of any scale and complexity while maintaining design intent.

  • Forget about data conversions. You can incorporate legacy client data and a variety of natively supported file formats like DWG, SHP, point cloud data, and more, so workflows are accelerated.
  • Design in real-world context. Integrate existing conditions into your models to speed reliable design decisions. Leverage raster images, point clouds, reality meshes, and GIS to help make better decisions throughout the project.
  • Incorporate multiple disciplines. Project team members can easily work with each other in a connected modeling environment. With easy integration of standards, models, drawings, documents, and data from other disciplines, MicroStation can significantly improve the design process and collaboration workflows by eliminating errors prior to construction.
  • Deliver any size project. Whether it’s a pond, parking lot, or 20-mile stretch of highway, MicroStation supports projects both large and small. As a result, better quality designs are developed faster, saving time and money.
  • Produce the required deliverables. You can generate plan sets, models, visualizations, 3D videos, multi-discipline documentations sets and more with MicroStation, and our other Bentley BIM applications. Reduce the risk of project delays and errors by producing all the required deliverables from one application.


MicroStation enables every civil engineer and designer to:

Using MicroStation, you can create high-impact visuals to clearly communicate your ideas and speed stakeholder approvals.

Create better designs, faster. With MicroStation, users can model, document, and visualize infrastructure projects of any type, scale, and complexity using a comprehensive set of design and documentation capabilities.

Reliably integrate any existing design content and work with any-size team using virtually any mix of design applications because MicroStation enables users to develop and document better designs in less time by better connecting tools, data, and the team.

Better integrate project teams. MicroStation CONNECT Edition provides a common environment for comprehensive project delivery and connects users, projects, and the enterprise. Users can readily access learning, support communities, and project information.


Share files. It’s easy to share personal files including PDFs and Bentley’s uniquely flexible i-models directly from the desktop or stage them for easy access from a Bentley mobile app, such as OpenRoads Navigator. Project teams can review project details and status, gain visibility into project performance.

Speed the reliable production of high quality deliverables with uniquely powerful and easy-to-use civil documentation capabilities.




To learn more, visit www.bentley.com/MicroStation


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