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Location Media Alliance Launches Amid Location Industry Fragmentation

Matt Ball on February 11, 2013 - in Corporate

To provide a coordinated media and advertising distribution platform for optimum market education and brand recognition of location-based/geospatial applications and technologies, three world-leading geospatial media companies have formed the Location Media Alliance (LMA). The LMA is a media consortium that combines the offerings of five location industry publications: Sensors & SystemsImaging Notes, Informed InfrastructureAsian Surveying and Mapping, and LBx Journal.

“The LMA fills a long-standing gap in location media coverage due to the fragmentation of the industry and the media outlets,” said Natasha Léger, editor of LBx Journal and LMA member. With a combined audience reach of 59,300 business, technology, and policy professionals, the LMA will cross-promote and work together in all aspects, serving distinct user and vendor domains while collectively spanning the full breadth of the geospatial industry and location-based applications.

Geospatial companies typically go to market as vertical applications or horizontal technologies. The problem is that location is really a diagonal; it cuts across multiple departments, disciplines, and industries. “The LMA provides the means to effectively communicate applications, technology, business, and policy to detail the power of location analytics, geospatial and remote sensing technologies to improve our world—socially, politically, and economically,” said Léger.

“Denver continues to be a hub for geospatial technology application and innovation in the United States and the world,” said Matt Ball, founder and editor at Vector1 Media. “As we are all Denver-based, our proximity to this action gives us a unique vantage point that we’ll continue to exploit to promote the revolutionary advantages of geospatial data and solutions.”

“The timing of the LMA launch coincides with the Landsat Data Continuity Mission launch as well as the opening day of the International Lidar Mapping Forum in Denver,” said Myrna James Yoo, publisher of Imaging Notes. “This coincidence is serendipity, but also a conscious decision on our part as we align ourselves with today’s events to address both cutting edge tools and the long-term legacy of the geospatial industry. These advancements in data collection usher in new capacity to inform decisions.”

About The Location Media Alliance

The Location Media Alliance is a media consortium dedicated to promoting the power of location analytics and geospatial and remote sensing technologies to improve our world—socially, politically, and economically—with more efficient businesses, smarter built environments, and the better stewardship of our planet’s scarce resources. It serves as a coordinated media and advertising platform to better reach the diversity of location users across industries and organizations.

For more information on The Location Media Alliance please visit www.locationalliance.net

About the LMA publications:

  • Sensors & Systems provides details on new and existing frameworks of instrumented and interconnected networks and decision support tools to monitor and adapt to global change with daily online news and a weekly newsletter. www.SensorsandSystems.com
  • Imaging Notes covers Earth remote sensing for security, energy and the environment with a quarterly print publication and monthly eNews. Reporting is in-depth and exclusive about the uses of imagery and geospatial solutions worldwide. www.ImagingNotes.com
  • Informed Infrastructure promotes the combination of sensor inputs, simulation and modeling to tune infrastructure design for the greatest efficiency through both online news and a weekly newsletter. Areas of coverage include smart grids, water, transportation, facility management, and smart cities. www.InformedInfrastructure.com
  • LBx Journal covers the use of location technologies to drive operations, logistics, marketing and sales, customer experience, and strategic planning within businesses. We are location in the language of business. Areas of coverage include business applications, executive interviews, infographics, business cases and case studies for Retail, Agribusiness, Communications, Real Estate, Financial Services, and more.  www.LBxJournal.com
  • Asian Surveying & Mapping provides news and a weekly e-newsletter focused on geospatial technology application in Asia-Pacific. Areas of coverage include surveying, positioning, GIS, and remote sensing tools and case studies. www.asmmag.com
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