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GWI’s New Market Intelligence Tool WaterData Enhances Water Sector Strategy and Planning

Parul Dubey on August 28, 2017 - in News, Products, Technology, Water

Global Water Intelligence (GWI) has announced the launch of a new platform designed to empower water businesses in strategy building, market assessment and competitor analysis processes. WaterData provides a comprehensive map of the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets, both providing a top-level view of market trends and slicing the sector by region, technology domain, digital solutions and the industrial sectors. Supported by granular market size data, forecasts, databases and third party sources, GWI intends the platform to be a single-source for all data critical to business planning in the water industry.

Christopher Gasson, GWI Publisher commented: “Water is a highly fragmented industry, which means that the information is all over the place as well. I came up with the idea of WaterData to bring it all together – not just our own content like market forecasts, company profiles and technology analysis – but also the third party datasets on which much of our analysis is based. It has revolutionised the way I work, and I think it will revolutionise the way you work as well if you are involved in validating strategy, developing new markets, presenting proposals, or screening companies or technologies.”

Global Water Intelligence is an industry leader in market intelligence for the water sector. In its 15 years, GWI has expanded its specialisms across the core water markets as well as those that make in impact on the industry, such as the digital sphere and industrial markets. The culmination of GWI’s substantive expertise is a comprehensive data-rich online platform with enhanced functionality that integrates into the user’s day-to-day planning and workflow. Each area of the platform has a specializing analyst updating the forecasts, datasets and insights as pivotal market information and developments emerge.

Key areas of the WaterData platform include:

  • Markets: Global, regional and country-by-country
  • Technologies and Industries
  • Digital
  • Chemicals
  • Around 250 company profiles (recent activity, capabilities and financials)
  • Digital solution for water
  • Data hub

WaterData’s Data Hub offers multiple databases to support clients in conducting preliminary research, identifying business development opportunities or locating partners or acquisition opportunities. The databases including 2,700 M&A deals since 1 January 2000, 380 Water Tariffs, 6,000 utilities and more than 2,000 treatment plans. It also provides external data for third party verification purposes, showing the rationale behind our numbers.

The platform offers intuitive navigation and data visualisation to make it easy for the users to find and absorb the information most relevant to their business or project. Integral to the WaterData service are the interactive data cards and customisation tools that allows the users to manually manipulate and drill down into the data, save key cards to their account and to build presentations using the SlideDeck feature. If the data does not exactly match the user’s requirements, the Forecast Creation Tool enables the user to build forecasts that precisely reflect their business objectives.

 For a demo please contact Jake Gomme Account Manager [email protected] Visit https://www.gwiwaterdata.com


Global Water Intelligence was founded in 2002 with its flagship publication Global Water Intelligence Magazine and its portfolio of products and events has expanded significantly since. At the helm of the organisation are editorial and research teams with backgrounds in finance, economics, water and technology with an unparalleled network of senior executives, utility and industry leaders working within the business of water, facilitating exclusive and robust insights into the key trends, developments and opportunities within the water sector. GWI’s portfolio includes The Water Desalination Report, DesalData, Global Water Intelligence Magazine, The Ultrapure Water Journal and commercial partnership with The Produced Water Society. GWI also publishes deep dive market research reports spanning a range of key markets including heavy water-using industries, control and monitoring systems, the oil and gas markets, municipal and industrial water technology and services as well as 4 editions of the bestselling, industry-renowned Global Water Market report.

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