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Trelleborg Provides Bespoke, Long Term Sealing Solution for Biggest Seaport in the Caspian Sea

Parul Dubey on July 31, 2017 - in Wastewater, Water

Lelystad, NL – Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has supplied the largest single order of its flexible Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors for the new $2 billion International Türkmenbaşı Seaport in Turkmenistan. With highly adaptable solutions, and a long term 25 year+ watertight seal warranty, Trelleborg was the only supplier able to provide bespoke seal connectors to this volume for the three different types of corrugated pipes used across the 1,200,000-square meter port.

Turkish construction firm GAP Insaat specifically chose the Kor-N-Seal® for the 8.8km of wastewater plastic pipelines and 48.4km of stormwater pipeline across the four terminals because of the excellent long-term sealing performance provided by its patented Waveband technology. Easy to install, and in line with specification for connectors between reinforced concrete manhole structures (ASTM C923), the Pipe-to-Manhole Connector uses an adapter that distributes the force from the pipe clamp on the connector directly against the inside walls of the pipe corrugations, creating a watertight seal up to 24 inches.

Turkmenistan Seaport

Ahmet GÖKDEMİR, Procurement Chief at GAP Insaat, Turkey, says: “Launched in 2014, the new Türkmenbaşı  Seaport consists of a ferry, passenger and cargo terminal including a state-of-the-art shipyard. To deliver the best services possible within the port, we needed a reliable supplier that could deliver thousands of connector seals for the water and wastewater management operations across the entirety of the project that would remain watertight for a minimum 25 years.

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“The main challenge for the supplier was to be able to provide a product capable of fitting three different types of corrugated pipes and therefore three different sizes of ribs. Trelleborg was chosen for this project as the only supplier capable of bridging all types of corrugated pipes as they manufacture their own bespoke corrugated pipe adaptors.

“Trelleborg was not only selected for the unparalleled longevity of its solution, but also for the outstanding performance it delivered during testing and the excellent services they provide on installation training helping to ensure smooth running of the project.”

Sanharib Mirza, Business Development Manager Middle East & Africa, Trelleborg added: “With its unique design, Trelleborg’s pipe adaptor provides an excellent sealing surface on corrugated HDPE pipes. The Kor-N-Seal® I 106/406 Series comes with a patented Waveband technology which creates a more effective seal by concentrating the compressive force of the expansion band and capturing the rubber between the band and the concrete, making 100% leak-free and the perfect solution to meet the needs of the Türkmenbaşı Seaport project and ensure long term performance.”

Due for completion in December 2017, the new seaport will be used to export oil products, liquefied gas and textiles and will boost import and export cargo transport as well as traffic capacity across the region.

For more information about Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, or any of its products and solutions, please visit www.trelleborg.com/Pipe-Seals.

Watch Gap İnşaat’s video for an exclusive look at the Turkmenistan Seaport https://youtu.be/LpblORyjJ3c

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