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Water Treatment Needs Take Center Stage With Komax

Parul Dubey on July 27, 2017 - in News, Products, Water

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Municipalities have faced a number of critical water issues over the last few years, but Komax Systems has the answer for many – their Wafer Static Mixer.

When Space is an Issue

The need for upgrades is a big part of the problem with municipal water treatment plants. The Wafer Static Mixer addresses that need for upgrades because it was designed to fit in much smaller spaces than traditional static mixers.

“Even in a confined space, a Komax static wafer mixer does a mighty job.  This mixer redefines excellent mixing performance, even with a very low Coefficient of Variation COV in a tight space.  The combination of centerline upstream injection and distribution elements means it is possible to achieve mixing results at various flow conditions,” said Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist. 

The Reason Behind Its Success

The Komax static wafer mixer is thin enough to fit between flanges and can be customized in a range of sizes suited to a variety of conditions, but it’s powerful enough to handle almost anything, as many municipalities have learned.  

“We’ve handled a number of installations over the past several years for water treatment plants around the country, and in each one, the upgrades have really paid off,” said Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist.

Nothing is more critical in our day-to-day lives than our water supply, and Komax Systems is working to help municipalities do more with the little space they have available in water treatment plants thanks to the Wafer Static Mixer

About Us

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci. With no moving parts, Komax Systems, Inc‘s products require no power, low maintenance, no thermal fatigue increasing their life span.  A static mixer or steam heater will increase your productivity while decreasing your energy and maintenance costs!

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