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Water Coalition Touts Environmental Justice Success

Parul Dubey on July 14, 2017 - in Water

(Washington, DC) The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) and a nationwide coalition of clean water agencies/utilities today released findings from its new Environmental Justice Compendium (EJ Compendium) entitled, Opportunities for Municipal Clean Water Utilities to Advance Environmental Justice and Community Service. Officials from clean water agencies nationwide shared local community projects they’ve been implementing that address specific Environmental Justice needs.


The EJ Compendium contains case studies of active community clean water projects, representing efforts by water treatment agencies—serving tens of millions of clean water consumers who use billions of gallons of water—to reach beyond the traditional model of simply moving and treating water, to becoming true partners with their communities in both improving water delivery/usage, and directly addressing specific environmental justice issues. The classic “win-win-win” scenario.


LINK: The Environmental Justice Compendium is Available for Download


On a press conference call, officials discussed highlights from the successful projects that make up the EJ Compendium, the large-scale environmental impacts that result, and most importantly, the ways in which these projects can be replicated among communities and water utilities across the country—potentially creating a profound, positive impact on the environment, and the climate.  This is stated purpose of the Compendium.





  • Andrew Bliss, Community Outreach Manager, Capitol Region Water
  • Saundra Gibson, Business and Community Partnership Administrator, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)
  • Annie Kolb-Nelson, Public Information Officer, King County Wastewater Treatment Division
  • Andrew Kricun, Executive Director/Chief Engineer, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority
  • Dave Lipsky, Senior Policy Advisor, Sustainability, NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP)
  • Charlie Logue, Chief of Production, Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew)
  • Yolanda Manzone, Director, Community Benefits & Environmental Justice External Affairs, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Dylan Meagher, Chief of Staff, Bureau of Sustainability, NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP)
  • Vincent Morris, Manager, Communications and Government Relations, DC Water
  • Lisa Van Riper, Director of Enterprise Communications, AlexRenew



Complete Press Conference Audio is Available Here

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