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RIGOL Expands Portfolio of Power Analysis Solutions with New DL3000 Programmable DC Electronic Load

Parul Dubey on June 13, 2017 - in News, Products

Beaverton, OR – RIGOL Technologies, Inc. announces an expansion of its Power Analysis test portfolio.  The new DL3000 Series of DC Electronic Loads gives engineers evaluating power, optimizing power efficiency, and maximizing battery life a new powerful and affordable solution to quickly determine their power needs, debug their designs, and reduce their time to market.  

Starting at just $499, the DL3000 DC Loads can draw max power up to 350W, 150V, and 60A providing the baseline performance required for most current mainstream designs.  But what truly differentiates the DL3000 is its industry leading 5A/us Slew Rate, 30kHz Dynamic Frequency, unique 4.3 inch TFT display as well as LAN and remote control capability.  The DL3000 is the highest performing and lowest cost solution in the market.

Mike Rizzo, General Manager RIGOL North America explains, “We are excited to extend our portfolio of power solutions with the DL3000 DC Load.  It delivers our same affordable but high performance value proposition to a new set of customers, who are used to paying more for less capabilities.”

Whatever a user’s power analysis requirement, the DL3000 will provide a measurement mode that meets their needs by delivering 4 Constant Modes (Current, Voltage, Power, and Resistance) as well as 4 more advanced Transient Modes (Continuous Pulse, Timed Pulse, Toggle, and List) and 3 Applications Modes.  When combined with the high resolution, fast slew rate, and high frequency capabilities the DL3000 will allow our customers to build advanced power consumption models, determine power budgets, and optimize battery life.

For customers integrating batteries into mobile or IoT designs optimizing battery life is key.  The DL3000’s integrated Battery Test Mode allows users to complete battery discharge testing letting them see live capacity in mAh and service time.

Rizzo adds “There is nothing more important to today’s mobile, wearable, IoT designers than extending battery life.  The advanced capabilities of the DL3000 Battery Test Mode give these designers advanced and affordable tools to model power usage, edge conditions, and long term battery performance.”

The DL3000 comes with a free UltraLoad software application that allows for full instrument monitoring and control over USB or LAN giving users more flexibility in how they set up and monitor experiments, as well as easy access to data for offline analysis.

Available in 4 configurations and starting at just $499, the DL3000 provides an unmatched solution for customers looking for a highly capable but affordable Programmable DC Load.

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