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Program Continues to Push Innovative Technologies to Tackle Congestion

Parul Dubey on May 8, 2017 - in Transportation

Cutting-edge technologies are helping to improve America’s highway system, and real-time data reporting systems are helping us make better use of our highways and bridges.

The Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program (ATCMTD) is doing just that by funding state-of-the-art transportation improvement technologies that reduce congestion and help us maintain our infrastructure.  Now in its second round, the program is providing $60 million in funding  again this year. Last year, the program funded eight innovative projects in various parts of the country intended to improve the efficiency and safety of the transportation system and make the most use of existing capacity for commuters and businesses.

Travel demand will continue to rise each day across the country, but cities and states are taking technological innovation to new levels, including real-time information systems and intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies

An efficient transportation system is the foundation of a strong economy, and our ATCMTD grants are advancing the solutions needed to equip our nation’s growing traffic challenges. They are taking technological innovation to a new level and helping to make our entire transportation network more reliable for commuters, businesses and freight shippers.

While FHWA is not new to spurring innovation, which it has done for decades under a variety of traffic management and operations programs, the ATCMTD program is a key part of our future.  More information on how to apply is available in the funding notice.

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