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New Heights as Chilean SeaWind Chooses Breeze

Parul Dubey on May 4, 2017 - in Energy, Renewables

Chilean company Seawind has chosen Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis.

SeaWind is a Chilean company with more than 10 years experience developing, maintaining and operating wind farms projects in Chile and South America. Having developed more than 90 MW in wind and net billing solar projects, SeaWind is projecting a strong increase in the coming years thanks to a 270 MW portfolio investment.

After intensive market research, SeaWind decided to implement Breeze into its developed wind farm, Cerro Coihue, located in a very remote and windy site, in the western part of Chilean Patagonia. This wind farm feeds energy to an isolated gold mine, helping them lower their diesel consumption and substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

“Breeze allows us to monitor remotely and follow closely the wind turbines production as well as the scheduled maintenance – all in one single platform. We found Breeze to be the one system that best meets our needs”, said Rolf Büntemeyer, project director – SeaWind.

SeaWind has an extensive portfolio to follow, making a multi-client platform mandatory, and a need to monitor remotely their wind resource met masts in the country. “This is the first Breeze project in Chile and we are very excited to see all the Breeze tools in action. This is a good start to what could be a long lasting relationship,” said Marcelo Banto, vice president of SeaWind.

About Seawind

SeaWind is a Chilean company benefitting from market leading expertise in engineering, implementing, maintaining and operating wind power plants. Today the company focuses on its development as an Independent Power Producer and intends to develop, build and operate around 270 MW in the coming years. Since 2006, SeaWind is offering power solutions to industrial and, in particular, mining companies and has delivered many challenging energy projects in the country, including a Guinness World Records for the highest installed wind turbine, located at 4.110 meters above sea level.

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