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3D-Documentation Simplifies Facility Management

Matt Ball on May 8, 2012 - in Facility Management, Projects
FARO announces new state-of-the-art 3D Documentation technology. Modern laser scanners such as the FARO Focus3D create three dimensional building documentation in conjunction with popular CAD-software – accurately and cost effectively. With up to a million measuring points per second, the scanners record surfaces in very high resolution. This way, properties and their fixtures can be quickly, completely and accurately converted into digital models. Changes can be documented in the blink of an eye. The scan data can be loaded very easily into a popular CAFM programme via CAD interface, making them immediately available for a wide range of FM processes.

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Efficient area analysis

3D documentation with the FARO Focus3D forms an ideal planning basis for structural alterations and redevelopment measures for existing buildings. A precise three-dimensional model of the current status quo can be created with the scan data in no time at all. This provides building operators with an efficient method for simulating different usage options prior to the start of the planning phase. For example, floor plans can be virtually displayed, serving as a basis for informed decision-making concerning changes of use. Thanks to the accurate display format, area analysis is easily achievable prior to the start of the planning phase for redevelopment or change of use. Plans and invitations to bid are comprehensible at all times with the help of 3D documentation; expensive planning errors and inaccurate contract award documents are avoided and the pressure is taken off revision management.

As laser scanners create complete, precise three-dimensional images of fixtures within rooms, they are ideally suited to the documentation of technical installations. If, for example, it is necessary to adapt the provision of services or utilities to changes in industrial processes, all the necessary modifications can be shown and checked in the virtual model. If the new plan is then also to be produced in 3D, all the dimensions and the positioning of cable runs, piping and installations are automatically available – the ideal basis for organising maintenance work and conducting further modification processes.

Optimisation of operating costs

Precise information about the structural status quo as provided by 3D documentation contributes to maintaining the functionality and value of real estate and technical installations. It also serves as the basis for lasting reductions in operating costs. For example, cleaning work on glazed facades, external site management and gardening services can be put out to tender based on precise area documentation with exact dimensions. This means that erroneous bills are a thing of the past.

New tool for real estate marketing

The efficient use of space enhances the performance of buildings tremendously. 3D documentation provides property managers with the ideal basis for area management and any development activities: The FARO Focus3D, for example, records all the visible structures in buildings and their surroundings. This results in complete, seamless and error-free data records, which can be used across the disciplines. This is why the data are ideal for building information modelling, and thus for the optimisation of lifecycle costs. Using the three-dimensional data it is even possible to create interactive panoramic views of entire buildings or individual rooms – a powerful tool for real estate marketing, as users can take a virtual stroll through the building.

Exchange of 3D documentation on the Internet

Documented projects can be published on a web server with a single click. Using the free SCENE WebShare shareware from FARO, for example, all those involved in a project have access to the data at all times, wherever in the world they happen to be available. This way, plans and information over and beyond the scans can be exchanged with ease, irrespective of location. It is even possible to carry out measurements and analyses directly via the standard web browser. The comprehensive data are available for bids and designs.

About FARO

FARO develops and markets computer-aided coordinate measurement systems and measurement software worldwide. The portable measurement equipment from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurements and 3D comparisons of parts and complete systems within production and quality assurance processes. They are used for inspecting components and component assemblies, production planning, and inventory documentation, as well as for the investigation and reconstruction of accident sites and crime scenes. They are also used for digital scanning of historical sites.

Today, approximately 10,000 customers worldwide with more than 20,000 installations have put their trust in the company’s measurement systems (NASDAQ: FARO). Global headquarters is in Lake Mary, Florida/USA, while the European headquarters of FARO is located in Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart, Germany. FARO maintains other branch offices in Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK.

Further information: www.faro.com/uk

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