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AECOM Achieve UK Permissions for Commercial Drone Operations

Parul Dubey on April 26, 2017 - in Corporate, News, Technology

AECOM’s UK based Drone Team this week achieved their Civil Aviation Authority permissions for commercial operations. This marks a major milestone in the integration of drone technology into workflows.

Our Nottingham Centre of Excellence will host and be accountable for maintaining our Operations Safety Case and Operations Manuals. We have the skills and service agreements with Bentley, AutoDesk and other software providers to process data and create tailored 2D or 3D models and deliverables to meet your needs and those of our clients.

Drones reduce the need to place staff and resources in a position of risk, allow repeatability to surveys, examinations and assessments, and offer a rapid an economical way of acquiring data. We are capable of shooting 4k or HD videos, 16MP photos and can achieve ±40mm accuracy from photogrammetry data.  As well as environmental, coastal, transportation and engineering survey information to name a few, these can be used for planning or tracking of projects or construction activities, or to create promotional material with a unique aerial perspective of your site.

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