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Ubisense Release Geospatial Tools to Support Smart Grid and Fibre Network Rollout

Matt Ball on January 14, 2013 - in Corporate

Ubisense are pleased to announce the release of myWorld 1.5 and the netSolutions 4.3 product suite. These new versions enhance the user experience adding new functionality to support key customer processes and improved operational efficiencies.

Ubisense are proud to provide products and services to some of the largest Utility and Telecoms providers in the world. Networks are changing rapidly at the moment with the rollout of Smart Metering, the addition of renewable energy sources to power networks as well as the rollout of 4G and ultra-high broadband services.

The new releases of the Ubisense geospatial products have been targeted to provide support for this network evolution providing visibility of key network sources to support strategic decision making as well as delivering planning, design and operational capabilities. New customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific are already deploying the new releases to support the rollout of Smart Metering, and FTTx networks.

“It is a time when the world’s Utility and Telecoms networks are undergoing rapid technical change. We are committed to provide products which enable our customers to make these changes.” Said Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense.

myWorld provides an intuitive and easy to use solution for interacting with enterprise, Google and other web mapping information, at the office, in the field over the web. Users are already working with the system to manage the planning and sale of next generation telecoms services and also to support rapid service restoration by field crews. myWorld 1.5 takes business intelligence visibility to the next level, adding easily configurable thematic mapping giving a window on the status and utilisation of key business resources.

netSolutions is an integrated suite of products for network operators. Focused Telecoms modules enable service assignment, capacity management, wireless engineering and fibre planning and are in use at over 40 operators worldwide. Generic network modules enable the integration of Google data into the network planning and design systems and also provide webService APIs to support business process automation. netSolutions 4.3 provides enhanced service management and integration features and is also fully compatible with the 4.3 releases of the GE Energy’s Smallworld Network Inventory™ products.

About Ubisense

Ubisense is a market leader of location-based smart technology which enables companies to optimise their business processes. By keeping track of key assets, Ubisense solutions bring clarity to complex operations in industries while also improving quality and reliability.  Ubisense uses a unique combination of advanced industry knowledge and an experienced team to deliver effective and superior solutions that offer unprecedented visibility, control and accuracy, delivering time and cost savings. Ubisense solutions are easy to implement and flexible to a particular business’s needs, no matter which area of the globe they operate in.

Ubisense offers two location-oriented products; RTLS (Real-time Location Solutions) and Geospatial Systems and operates in a number of industries ranging from manufacturing and utilities to telecommunications and is used by a number of blue chip customers across the world, such as BMW, Airbus, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, COX and Deutsche Telekom. For more information please visit: www.ubisense.net.

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