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The Evolution of Solar Power

Parul Dubey on March 29, 2017 - in Energy, Renewables

Global expansion of solar PV has been following an exponential curve for more than two decades, going as far as doubling over the past two years. Safe to say, solar power has a very bright future, but let’s see what its evolution looks like on the world map.

Greenbyte, maker of wind and solar asset management software Breeze and Bright, has just released an interactive map showing the cumulative installed solar power capacity per country, continent and the world between 1992-2015. The Evolution of Solar Power is the result of a cooperation between Greenbyte and SolarPower Europe.

How does it work? Drag the slider bar on the bottom to see how solar power capacity has changed over time. The area of each circle on the map corresponds to its respective capacity. Hover with the cursor over any circle to see more details. Only countries with more than 25MW of solar power capacity installed as of the end of 2015 are presented on the map.

Stay tuned as The Evolution of Solar Power map will be updated shortly with the numbers for 2016.

See the interactive Evolution of Solar Power map here.

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