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New White Paper from Envirosight Discusses How Emerging “Smart Sewer Crawlers” Incorporate CANbus Technology.

Parul Dubey on March 16, 2017 - in Wastewater, Water

RANDOLPH, NJ—March 14, 2017— Envirosight has released a new white paper detailing the advantages a new breed of “smart crawlers” bring to sewer inspection. These crawlers, using digital technologies like CANbus to extend their capabilities, deliver greater intelligence and functionality, consume fewer resources, and support advanced automation and data collection features. CANbus is an embedded control architecture where components communicate directly with each other over a single pair of conductors, making the host crawler highly adaptable, scalable and upgradeable.

“Choosing a sewer crawler system is all about matching capabilities to your needs,” says Jim Adams, Director of Product Development for Envirosight. “Being able to understand the technology behind a smart crawler is important to understanding the full breadth of capabilities. CANbus allows for much greater capability and customization without sacrificing on strength or portability. So, we wrote this white paper to give customers a resource for understanding the benefits of choosing a smart crawler and the technology behind it.”

“So many communities are feeling the pressure of budget cuts,” says Steve Sebastian, Channel Development Manager and co-author of this paper. “Being able to purchase a sewer inspection crawler that can grow and change with needs and new technology allows customers more flexibility in their budgets and their workflows. Smart crawlers make this type of flexibility possible.”

This white paper was written as part of Envirosight’s commitment to create and share reference material that benefits wastewater industry professionals. For the full white paper: http://inbound.envirosight.com/the-rise-of-smart-sewer-crawlers-with-canbus


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