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Mississippi DOT Video Series on Transparency and Accountability

Parul Dubey on March 8, 2017 - in Transportation

JACKSON, MISS. — The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) recently started a video series showcasing transparency and accountability to the taxpayers of Mississippi. These videos cover numerous topics that address public concerns including the following.

MDOT’s Accountability
A primary goal of the Mississippi Department of Transportation is to be transparent and efficient in all operations. Being accountable to the taxpayer is paramount in all agency duties. There are multiple mechanisms in place that provide oversight for MDOT’s funding, policies and operations. Learn more about Legislative oversight, the Transportation Commission, and other measures that ensure MDOT remains accountable.

MDOT Funding: Where it comes from and where it goes
MDOT’s funding for state fiscal year 2016 was approximately $1.06 billion. Of this, half came from federal sources, and the other half came from state sources. Learn more about where MDOT’s funding comes from and where it goes.

MDOT Funding: What is a Pothole?
Potholes are a common sight to Mississippi motorists. Learn more about how potholes are formed, and what it takes to repair them.

MDOT First Responders
MDOT workers go above and beyond their normal duties to become first responders during an emergency. From de-icing the roadways after a winter storm to removing tree limbs following a tornado, these hardworking employees provide a vital service that helps save the lives of people in Mississippi.

MDOT Equipment
MDOT crews depend on functional and reliable equipment to preserve the state’s roads and protect the traveling public. From day-to-day roadway maintenance to emergency response, these vehicles are a critical factor in maintaining Mississippi’s 30,000 state-owned highway miles and over 5,000 bridges that support 90 percent of the state’s commercial traffic and 60 percent of all traffic.

Checkout the current episodes in the series on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL35Emno659YNcmh6RZdWxqztFdj61TaFo. For more information on the funding of roads and bridges, visit www.GoMDOT.com/betterfundingbetterroads.

For questions about these videos, please call 601-359-9777.

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