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Designing the World in Real Time

Matt Ball on January 8, 2013 - in Modeling

Geodesign technology is revolutionizing how we envision the future, according to planners, architects, and engineers alike. These new technologies could “totally change how we do things,” from urban design to environmental planning, says Eric Wittner of Esri, a GIS software company working on Geodesign software

Geodesign technology builds on geographic information systems (GIS) to create virtual workspaces where users can visualize—in two or three dimensions—physical spaces, be they city blocks, entire cities, or larger landscapes. With these visualizations in front of them, users can play with possible ways of designing or using these spaces, see what their proposed plans would look like, and then evaluate the potential implications of their designs—all in real or close-to-real time.

Read more in Scope (a student science writing publication from MIT)

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