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Introducing Wind Turbine Control in Breeze

Parul Dubey on February 28, 2017 - in Energy, Renewables

Today we are very excited to announce the newest section in Breeze, Control. Control allows users of Breeze to start and stop wind turbines in real-time and from anywhere through Breeze.

“When we launched Breeze, we did so to improve some of the most fundamentals parts in the operation and management of wind farms. Soon after, our customers requested the possibility to do more with the collected data. Since then, the Service has quickly grown in scope and capability to an indispensable daily tool for managing large-scale wind power portfolio. Today, we are on the verge of another leap with the announcement of Control.” says Mikael Baros, Director of Technology, Greenbyte.

  • Control in Breeze allows users with permissions to start and stop wind turbines in real-time without additional hardware on-site.
  • Control wind turbines remotely from anywhere through Breeze, use the same exact procedure in Breeze to start and stop wind turbines, regardless of type and manufacturer.
  • Store control credentials for all wind turbines safely in Breeze.
  • Control wind turbines in Breeze using two factor authentification for the highest security.

Control is a first step towards more intelligent control of wind farms in Breeze. Using insights from data, our customers can operate wind farms more efficiently, and better manage challenges such as grid curtailment, unplanned downtime and dynamic power prices.

Control is now available on request for select turbines in the Breeze wind farm management system.
About Breeze
Breeze, a product of Greenbyte AB in Gothenburg Sweden, is a modern user-friendly wind farm management system. With over 360 wind farms in 20 countries, Breeze is at the forefront of bringing state of the art, cloud-based software to the wind industry to increase energy production.

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