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LocalData Tookit Helps Communities Gather Place-based Information

Matt Ball on January 3, 2013 - in Smart Cities

Across the country, community groups, planners and government agencies collect parcel-level information about communities. Typically, the process for collecting, transcribing and cleaning this data can be confusing, lengthy and disempowering. LocalData transforms this process with technology.

LocalData began as a 2012 Code for America project with the City of Detroit. Three Code for America fellows (Matt, Alicia and Prashant) identified a need for local data in Detroit. Though community groups were actively surveying neighborhoods and using this data — neighborhood level surveys took a long time and further stressed the under-resourced technical assistance providers that were assisting this effort. Additionally, comprehensive city-wide surveys were taken infrequently, often involving multiple partners, with months of surveying and transcription.

LocalData empowers communities to collect data with new tools. Smartphone and paper-based surveys, simple online management and instant visualization will let you use data without an expert.

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