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Specification Section: Erosion Control 2017

Todd Danielson on February 8, 2017 - in Directory, Erosion Control

Erosion and sedimentation occur naturally with loosening and transport of soil by wind, water and ice. Controlling erosion is important, particularly on construction sites where removal of vegetation can degrade habitat, impact water quality and increase flood risks. These products offer engineered solutions to comply with regulations and combat natural forces. This brief listing is meant to introduce you to leading manufacturers and suppliers, with Web addresses to access further information. If we missed your company, email [email protected], and we’ll add it to our more-complete online catalog.

Advanced Drainage Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems’ FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT LITE is a lower-cost alternative to fabric-only inlet protection. The high-flow, woven filter bags are 82% efficient with enough storage capacity to handle dozens of rain events prior to maintenance. All filters include overflow bypass to prevent flooding with a full bag or during a major storm. CATCH-IT LITE has a 12 GA corrosion-resistant framing that supports over 500 pounds and is independent of the grate. The adjustable, low-profile framing fits into offset castings and avoids concrete interference. It offers all the benefits that make FLEXSTORM the preferred choice of home builders to keep their job sites SWPPP compliant. For more information, visit our website at www.ads-pipe.com.
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(800) 821-6710


American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company is a national manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products with manufacturing locations and distribution partners all across the United States, making products and personal assistance always close to you or your job site. Products include Curlex® Excelsior ECBs, Recyclex® TRMs made from recycled soda bottles, Curlex® Sediment Log®, Bindex™ hydraulic mulch products, Curlex® Bloc for shoreline and water filtration applications, and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products.

American Excelsior also offers free erosion design software, which is available through www.curlex.com or by calling (800) 777-SOIL.

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(800) 777-SOIL



When it comes to working with harsh applications and abrasive mixes, we understand the challenges you face, so we perfected our applicator to meet every demand. Our completely stainless-steel design and interchangeable power pack add durability and longevity to your operation by increasing tank life. Our vortex pump discharges a wide variety of mixes quickly and at long distances, giving you power and versatility for every application. Whether you need a small unit or a larger one for increased productivity, we have you covered.

John Imm

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(513) 686-1330



AquaBlok Ltd. provides a range of bentonite-based materials that address a variety of geotechnical sealing applications. Highly versatile, AquaBlok® products are used in anti-seep collars/trench dams, pond/basin construction and repair, cut-off walls and dam rehabilitation, synthetic liner repair, and more. AquaBlok’s patented “composite particle” system consists of limestone aggregate ”core” coated with the highest-quality powdered sodium bentonite clay. This makes it “self-sealing” without any mechanical compaction—in this way, AquaBlok has Built a Better Bentonite™. These materials provide targeted delivery, simplified handling, structural stability, reliable durability and a consistent seal. Apply as a blanket over permeable soils without blending, stop seepage around pipes and control structures without compaction, and so much more. Apply dry during construction or through standing water. For more information, visit www.aquablok.com.

Kevin VanTuyl

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(419) 825-1325


BMP Supplies

BMP Supplies is a wholesale manufacturer of a unique line of environmental products, including patented catch-basin protection. BMP Supplies recently made an enormous impression at the International Erosion Control Association trade show in San Antonio, specifically regarding two BMP patented products: the Spring Berm and Catch Basin Donut. The BMP Spring Berm is an expanding energy dissipater that reduces erosion and prevents the formation of rills or gullies. The Catch Basin Donut is an aboveground product that efficiently filters stormwater near construction sites. Primary benefits of the donut are easy installation and even easier maintenance by simply sweeping or shoveling collected sediment from around the catch basin. The Catch Basin Donut comes in low-, medium- or high-flow fabric and has a 4-inch overflow donut foam to prevent flooding.

Mark Lindemulder

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(604) 230-0587



Established in 1925, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of top-quality environment-friendly Coir geotextiles for soil erosion control: Coir stitched blanket, weed control mat and various Coco-peat products. We are a fourth-generation, world’s first ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & SA 8000 certified Coir and Jute company. We have been in the industry for 91 years, catering to the highly competitive and quality-conscious domestic as well as international markets. CCM Coir geotextiles and CCM Coir stitched blankets are very effective in controlling soil erosion and slope protection. It is natural and biodegradable, durable for nearly 24-36 months, and helps plant growth hold the soil until the roots take over the job of soil protection. The weed-control mat is 100% photodegradable for use in weed control and moisture retention in soil.

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Contech Engineered Solutions

Contech® Engineered Solutions is a leading provider of site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech is the only company that can provide bridge, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, soil stabilization and stormwater solutions on a national scale. Our product offering includes corrugated metal and plastic pipe; steel truss, metal plate and concrete arch bridges and structures; hard armor, geogrid, geotextiles, block and retaining wall systems; and stormwater detention/retention, filtration and treatment systems. Our product portfolio is based on more than a century of research and practical field experience serving the highway, drainage, sewage and site-improvement markets. To contact one of Contech’s 50 offices or 300 sales and product professionals nationwide, visit www.ContechES.com or call 800-338-1122.

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(800) 338-1122


Earthsavers Erosion Control

Earthsavers Erosion Control Products is the home of the “Original Rice Straw Wattle.” These certified weed-free wattles have been tested for sediment retention performance at the San Diego State University Soil Erosion Research Lab and proven in field studies by Caltrans and numerous other agencies. Earthsavers manufactures straw wattles in three diameters, available in photodegradable netting or 100% biodegradable burlap. Additionally, Earthsavers is a master distributor for a full line of erosion and sediment control products, geosynthetics and more. Our network of distributors provides local access to premium BMPs, and Earthsavers’ experienced staff, which includes two CPESCs, can provide superior technical support to our distributors and their customers and specifiers. Earthsavers is a proud member of IECA, WCIECA, ECTC and CASQA.

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(530) 662-7700


East Coast Erosion Control

East Coast Erosion is a leading manufacturer of erosion blankets and turf reinforcement mats.  Our main values are quality products and excellent service. We carry a full line of products, including temporary blankets, permanent blankets (TRMs), sediment devices and hydraulic mulches. The revolutionary T-Recs is our HPTRM that delivers permanent stability with an ease of installation. Our multiple facilities and international distribution allow us to quickly provide product when needed.

Diane Hitt

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(800) 582-4005


Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America

Eco-Rain Tanks are underground modular products certified by the International Code Council (ICC), an independent organization, to meet Industry standards—designed to accept and hold rain and runoff water for infiltration into the substrate, detention for controlled release, or for water reuse as a cistern. Tanks have a 97% void space for water storage. Certified for AASHTO H-25 loading in traffic areas, Eco-Rain Tank basins are used under parking lots and landscaped areas. Tanks are 1.34 feet wide x 2.25 feet long x 10 different heights and can be designed to fit in square, rectangular, tiered or odd shapes.

Eco-Rain ET-1301: 1-inch Drainage Cells are hard polypropylene drainage mats designed for use underground to provide a 1-inch void space to transport and hold water.

Eco-Rain ET-1401: 2-inch Drainage Cells are tough polypropylene drainage mats designed for surface use as gravel or turf pavers or as support for concrete pavers.

Mary Angle

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(310) 560-7734



It all flows downstream: silt, sediment, oil, trash, debris, drugs—how do we keep our waterways clean? Carmi, Ill.-based Elastec manufactures surface-water pollution equipment: oil skimmers, containment booms, work boats, portable incinerators, portable vacuum systems, pumps, power units and turbidity curtains.

For 50 years, Elastec has manufactured booms and turbidity curtains through our acquisition of American Marine in Cocoa, Fla. One of our toughest turbidity curtains, the RuffWater Type III, was used by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for its Crissy Field Drainage Improvement project to mitigate silt and turbid water during construction. The project won several environmental awards. Learn more at elastec.com/turbidity-curtains.

Elastec. Keeping Our World Clean. www.elastec.com ISO9001:2008 Certified

Duane Bennish

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(618) 382-2525


Epic Manufacturing

Epic Manufacturing offers a complete line of HydroMulching and Straw Blowing Equipment used around the world to establish vegetation, control erosion and mitigate dust.

We offer Hydraulic Paddle Agitation Machines in sizes from 900-4,000 gallons, featuring all hydraulic power, stainless-steel tanks, hydraulic mulch grinders, freshwater flush tanks, high-performance vortex slurry pumps, and much more. We also offer four different Straw Blower models with productivity ranging from 4 to 20 tons per hour.

An industry best two-year complete machine warranty is standard on all Epic Manufacturing equipment.

Contact Epic Manufacturing with any questions and request more information about any of our products. Call us toll free at 800-638-1769 or find us on the web at www.epicmanufacturing.com.

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(800) 638-1769


FASCO America

FASCO America® is the North American distribution arm for the vast range of tools and fasteners manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group®, a company with over 100 years of experience providing products of consistent, superior quality. Products include SCRAIL® fasteners that combine the speed of nail installation with the strength of screws, plus the 2016 PTIA award-winning cord-free F70G Fence Stapler, and the RoofLoc® Metal Roofing System, including F58 RoofLoc® tools and SteelThread® SCRAIL® fasteners. The F CL45A Gabion Tool offers rugged design to withstand harsh conditions, and a double grip to ensure non-slip handling and reduced fatigue. When paired with the CL45 Gabion Hog Rings, you’ll be well-equipped to build erosion-controlling gabion baskets or rockfall nets with speed and efficiency.

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(800) 239-8665


Fiber Marketing International

Rainer Extreme DE is a combination of wood fibers and tackifier that makes the product very effective for dust and erosion control. It forms a stable dust-control matrix or an erosion-control mat, and it binds fine soil particles to the soil to prevent fugitive dust. As a fiber mat, it retains integrity after repeated rains for increased erosion protection. It conforms to all surface contours; eliminates tenting and rilling; and is non-toxic to aquatic organisms, fish or wildlife. Rainer Extreme DE has no germination or growth inhibiting factors; high-temperature (177°C (350°F)) steam and thermo-mechanical refining sterilizes the fiber; and there are no viable noxious or other plant seeds—all seeds are sterilized. In addition, a tackifier additive is homogeneously mixed with the fiber. It’s all in the same bag.

Dave Kopp

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(509) 927-4071


FINN Corporation

With a pioneering spirit as part of our culture, FINN Corporation has grown to a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of erosion-control and landscape equipment. FINN is your ground and soil management solution.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing HydroSeeders®, Bark Blowers and Straw Blowers that give contractors the ability to work more profitably by completing more jobs at less cost. Contractors look to FINN for equipment of superior performance and quality. Contractors trust FINN because of our experience, commitment to being their project solution and our comprehensive product support.

For more than 80 years, FINN has been manufacturing and supporting innovative soil-management equipment. We’ll continue to deliver on a commitment to innovative designs, exceptional equipment performance, and outstanding customer service.

Greg Lee

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(513) 874-2818


Gator Guard Environmental Products Inc.

Erosion and Sediment Control products include 6-inch diameter x 25-foot Standard and Extreme Foam-Filled Synthetic Wattles, 6-inch x 12-foot Extreme Weighted Wattles, 3-foot Gutter Wattles, Foam Log Driveable Berms for Containment Liners, Channels, Diversions, and Check Dams. Gator Guard wattles were 98% effective for a 10-year L.A. Basin storm event with 20 times less dirt loss than straw wattles. They have a five-year life expectancy, survive tires and tracks, are lightweight, connect end-to-end, and have the same freeboard as a 9-inch fiber roll in a 4-inch trench. New 50-pound Extreme Weighted Wattles are ideal for use on asphalt and concrete. New Gutter wattles are a sturdy alternative to rock bags.

Bob Hanson

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(208) 371-8456


GEI Works Inc.

GEI Works is a product manufacturer and distributor specializing in erosion- and pollution-prevention products, including silt and turbidity curtains, stormwater management BMPs, dewatering products, secondary containment, collapsible water tanks, and erosion-control materials.

We provide practical and cost-effective solutions that can be customized to address challenges that stormwater management and erosion control professionals face every day. Our Taurus dewatering and filtration product lines are proactive solutions to satisfy BMP and SWPPP requirements. Our Boom and Turbidity Curtains, designed for maximum control and containment, are versatile enough to fit your specific projects.

GEI Works leverages years of industry experience and USA manufacturing capabilities to provide effective and economical solutions to project and job-site challenges large and small in the United States and around the world.

Andrew Belbusti

[email protected]

(772) 646-0597 x 4904



GeoHay is a high-performance and sustainable material used in sediment control and stormwater management. It has been found to perform well as a ditch check, curb or grate inlet filter, and check dam, as it reduces the turbidity, silt, and possible heavy metals and hydrocarbons in the runoff. GeoHay is a versatile and easy-to-install product that is more cost-effective, as it will last the length of a longer project.

Kellyn Campbell – CPESC

[email protected]

(864) 472-7000


Hamilton Manufacturing Inc.

Hamilton Manufacturing is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility established in 1962 in Twin Falls, Idaho. As erosion control and green building specialists, we provide service to projects in over 15 U.S. states and 30 countries worldwide. The various erosion control products that HMI manufacturers are 100% biobased and made up of recycled cellulose that serves as a great medium for turf seeding as well as short- and long-term erosion control. The premium products in the NaturesOwn line of hydro mulch include a non-toxic guar-based tackifier that aids in adhesion of the mulch to the soil and/or a bast fiber that creates an intricate web after application, providing long-term erosion control or remediation.

Jodi Schulz

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(208) 733-9689



HYDROSTRAW® (V.E.M.) Vegetation Establishment Mulches. Straw is the No. 1 used fiber for erosion control and vegetation establishment, and now it is conveniently available to you in a hydraulic form. Our specially formulated composition of annually renewable natural fibers, tackifier and other additives provides a new alternative to the old conventional wood, paper and cellulose mulches of the past. HYDROSTRAW products are also widely accepted as an alternative to blown-straw treatments. You will now experience more uniform coverage, quicker and much easier loading procedures, and a product that requires less water to apply, making you more efficient in the field. We offer a full line of products to meet your vegetation and erosion-prevention needs.

Ronald Edwards

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(800) 545-1755


JRM Chemical Inc.

JRM offers a full line of superabsorbent polymers, mycorrhizal products and linear anionic polymers for erosion control and revegetation. There are several grade sizes and types of absorbent polymers for retaining moisture for new plantings, reducing plant irrigation frequency by 50%. Seed-coat polymers for drop/spread seed applications increase moisture retention in hydroseed mixes. JRM has a full family of mycorrhizal products to increase plant growth and establishment as well as a full line of anionic polymers in tablet, powders and emulsions. Products reduce soil loss and help increase water infiltration, and site-specific polymers are ANSI/NSF 60 approved standards. The products are used with hydroseeding, oversprays and to treat turbid-water applications.

Dave Czehut

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(800) 962-4010


Low & Bonar

Low & Bonar is a leading international producer and supplier of high-quality 3D structure mats, geogrids, geotextiles, composites and special-engineered products for civil engineering. Our brand, Enka Solutions, includes products with long-standing track records such as Enkamat, Enka-Force, Enkagrid and Colbonddrain applied for a.o. erosion control, soil stabilization and drainage. Bringing erosion control to a higher level, Low & Bonar developed Enkamat R45 in the late 1970s, and it has been the benchmark ever since. Enkamat R45 is the high-performance Turf Reinforcement Mat that integrates a high-strength geogrid with the original 3D structured Enkamat, taking soil and root reinforcement to the max.

[email protected]

(828) 665-5000


LSC Environmental Products

LSC Environmental Products exists to solve some of the industry’s most-persistent environmental challenges: erosion, revegetation, odor, dust and waste cover through the application of our spray-applied coatings. All products are mixed with water and applied with any commercial hydroseeding unit or with one of our LSC Applicators.

You probably know LSC as the “ADC guys,” which we have been for the last 26 years, but we are more than that. With the acquisition of Terra Novo Inc., best known for their EarthGuard® products, and having served the erosion- and sediment-control industry for almost 20 years, we are excited to offer new solutions, including soil amendment, site winterization, intermediate cover, and special waste that we believe can benefit virtually any site.

[email protected]

(800) 800-7671



Maccaferri is a global leader of civil and geotechnical engineering applications that helps consultants, agencies and contractors with “Engineering a Better Solution.” Having invented the gabion and Reno Mattresses nearly 140 years ago, Maccaferri developed a double-twist wire mesh for hydraulic applications, including erosion protection and channel lining. In the last 20 years, we have expanded our expertise to include rockfall mitigation, coastal protection and geosynthetic solutions. We strive to build partnerships through trust and collaboration within our industry community across the United States.

Orion Graham

[email protected]

(301) 223-6910


MacLean Civil Products

Duckbill Anchor systems offer the most effective, lightweight, economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small. They are intended for light-duty applications in normal soils, tree supports, erosion-control applications, light structures, fences and many more uses.

Mike Jennings

[email protected]

(803) 628-4314



“The Wattle Guys” were some of the earliest pioneers in the stormwater technology industry, with a comprehensive line of products including “weed-free certified” rice straw and excelsior-filled wattles with netted or biodegradable coverings, and also an innovative line of wattle accessories, called Manga™.

Manga™ wattle accessories are designed to ensure proper installation and peak performance of wattle systems while enhancing job-site safety. Manga™ sleeves are reusable and work with all types of wattles: straw, excelsior, coir, biodegradable and foam filled.

When quality really matters, you can depend on The Wattle Guys for high-quality products and assistance with proper product application and installation techniques to ensure effective sediment and erosion control systems.

Cris Cordoza

[email protected]

(844) 314-9774

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions

Manufactured by Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, Concrete Cloth™ geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM) is a revolutionary construction material that can be used in a variety of civil infrastructure markets, including transportation, oil & gas, stormwater, landfill, mining, and erosion control.

Engineered in roll form, Concrete Cloth™ GCCM, a licensed product of Concrete Canvas™, is a three-dimensional, flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration, forming a thin, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer that can be used for ditch lining, slope stabilization, shoreline armor, secondary berm protection, culvert invert protection and geosynthetic liner protection.

Concrete Cloth™ GCCM can be installed in the rain and other wet conditions, virtually eliminating rescheduling due to weather conditions, and it has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a minimal ecological impact.

John Hepfinger

[email protected]
(855) 655-6750

Modular Gabion Systems

Modular Gabion Systems (MGS) is a division of Houston-based C.E. Shepherd Co. L.P., a leader in welded wire mesh GABION manufacturing since 1957. The Gabion System is known worldwide as an ancient and the most effective hard-armor system used in the practice of soil erosion control, earth retention, flood control, channel and river stabilization, shoreline protection, and a variety of other applications. Interconnected and rock‐filled, Gabions are engineered to provide the unique combination of flexibility, permeability, strength and integrity. Modular Gabions are fabricated in a variety of mesh openings, wire diameters and wire coatings ranging from Galvanized to Zinc‐Aluminum to Fuse Bonded PVC to Stainless Steel.

George Ragazzo

[email protected]

(251) 422-3536


Nedia Enterprises – IECA Booth #325

Nedia Enterprises Inc. offers a complete line of erosion control, sediment control and bioengineered products made primarily from natural fibers. We provide innovative quality products and excellent service to customers in the erosion control and bioengineering industry. Nedia is committed to the conservation of the environment. We believe that the proper use of our erosion control products will contribute to improved environmental function as well as encourage widespread use of innovative and vegetation friendly bioengineering techniques.

Siby Pothen

[email protected]

(888) 725-6999


North American Green

North American Green develops, produces, and distributes a complete line of high-quality erosion and sediment control systems to meet the specific erosion control, sediment control, hydraulic, scour protection and/or vegetation reinforcement needs of nearly any application. Our integrated erosion control solutions offer multiple options for protecting high-scour areas, topsoil, construction perimeters, stormwater runoff, sediment migration and more. North American Green also provides value-added services that include design software, site evaluation and installation guidance. In addition, North American Green’s Ultimate Assurance Guarantee is the most comprehensive product-performance guarantee in the industry.

Robin Barker

[email protected]

(800) 772-2040


OutPak Washout

Our new All-Weather Washout is designed to stand up to the toughest of environments while maintaining its portability, ease of setup and cost effectiveness. It is made from heavy-duty, woven polypropylene that shrugs off the worst of climates, but it’s still lightweight and durable. Additional features include 5 to 1 safety-rated lifting straps and attached rain fly. It even folds flat for easy storage.

It is designed to be a portable, EPA-friendly solution for containment of hazardous construction-site washout material. Our All-Weather Washout is simple to deploy but can sit on your job site through the duration of your project and the worst weather. Its patent-pending folding design allows it to be stored flat in the back of a pickup truck or strapped to the side of a mixer or pump truck.

Ken Eau Claire

[email protected]

(208) 376-6967



Propex® GeoSolutions is a global leader in geosynthetic and erosion-control solutions for earth stabilization. As one of the largest geotextile manufacturers in the world, our portfolio provides a robust offering of superior geosynthetic and erosion control solutions that help build and rebuild key infrastructure across the globe. Backed by a legacy of innovation, Propex® GeoSolutions transcends traditional methods with engineered solutions that stabilize earth and set the benchmark for long-term performance. Our commitment to quality, technical expertise, and constant pursuit of game-changing innovations put Propex® Geosolutions at the forefront of supporting a stable tomorrow.

Emily N. Collins

[email protected]

(423) 553-2036



Silt-Saver Inc. started in 1999, based on the principle that there is always a better way. We conceived new ideas that brought Silt-Saver to be recognized as a leader in sediment control. Our High-Visibility Green color has quickly become synonymous with Silt-Saver. Our products have become known and accepted throughout the engineering community as problem solvers.

Since the beginning, Silt Saver has been laying the foundation for new sediment control products to meet the needs of the future. We have conceived and brought to market new ideas that, by design, address performance and provide the results needed for the future of water quality.

Our patented designs combine performance, safety, efficiency and reusability to create value in your purchase. Our ultimate goal is to offer products that provide “A Better Way to A Cleaner Environment.”

Tim Goff

[email protected]

(888) 382-7458


Soil Retention

Soil Retention was established in 1987, originally as a distributor of the European Loffelstein retaining wall block. With some extensive R&D, owner and president Jan Jansson created the strongest Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall block system in the industry, Verdura®.

Soon after Verdura®, Soil Retention developed Enviroflex®, a tapered interlocking articulating concrete block (ACB) revetment system designed for erosion-control use in areas with high-velocity flows subject to scour.

The most-recent product developed by Soil Retention is Drivable Grass®, a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful alternative to poured concrete and asphalt.

Soil Retention today manufactures and distributes its Plantable concrete systems® from its Southern California headquarters.

Julia Schmid

[email protected]

(760) 966-6090


Strata Systems

Whatever soil reinforcement your project needs, Strata provides the system that is the most flexible and cost-effective turnkey solution available. With over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in the grade-change and soil-reinforcement industry, we know how to work with your team to achieve the best results on every project.

Lynn Stocker

[email protected]

(770) 888-6688


SW Products

SW Products is an environmental manufacturing company. We produce the Marlee Float skimmer, which is a surface drain, sediment control and water quality device. Constructed of HDPE pipe, this polyethylene float is UV-resistant and virtually indestructible, with no moving parts. It can be used to meet surface withdrawal requirements during construction or installed for permanent use in retention and detention ponds. The Marlee Float is available in three models, each with flexible, easily changed orifice saddles (included) to meet any changing flow-rate needs. The Marlee Float’s shielded orifice along with a unique design, pulling water from 4-12 inches below the water’s surface, traps floatables in the basin, prevents clogs and increases sediment trapping efficiency. It’s third-party tested, ships pre-assembled and is easy to install.

Barbara Cleland

[email protected]

(855) 697-9333


Storm Water Simplified Ltd.

Storm Water Simplified offers SWPPPTrack next-generation compliance management for MS4s, DOTs, builders, developers, contractors, consultants and environmental agencies.

Save Time! Save Hassle! Make Compliance Easy! Just walk a site, touch a button, and you’re done. SWPPPTrack does the rest, automatically. SWPPPTrack creates and delivers reports; creates, delivers and tracks work items; follows up and communicates; maps sites and BMPs; tracks and reports weather events; stores and manages documents; and much more. Developed in collaboration with industry and public-sector professionals, SWPPPTrack is easy to learn, easy to use and flexible. With SWPPPTrack managing projects, post construction BMPs and every type of stormwater infrastructure is a breeze. Call today to learn more.

Tom Simon

[email protected]

(800) 699-4840


PROFILE Products

IECA Booth #201

Based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., PROFILE Products manufactures and distributes proven solutions that help you thrive in a competitive environment while enhancing the natural environment. As the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulically applied erosion control products, it is our mission to consistently help our customers establish sustainable green space through water and soil management, and plant establishment. We accomplish this by combining our knowledge and groundbreaking technology to meet real-world circumstances.

ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM)™, for example, is a new product that can be used as a compost or topsoil alternative on challenging or difficult-to-access sites, adding beneficial bacteria as well as organic and soil-building components to help establish vegetation. It is a sustainable, cost-effective growing medium that brings depleted soils back to life.

Adam Dibble

[email protected]

(847) 215-1144


Suståne Natural Fertilizers
IECA Booth #521

Suståne Natural Fertilizers Inc. manufactures a full line of top-quality, natural and organic fertilizers formulated with aerobically composted turkey litter. Backed by over 25 years of research, our products have been used successfully on revegetation projects in diverse environments. Engineered to improve soil quality while delivering balanced fertility, Suståne granules feed both plants and soil-enhancing microorganisms. Easily broadcast and compatible with hydroseeding equipment, our materials stimulate rapid and vigorous plant establishment. Known for their quality, Suståne’s products are also used by farmers, greenhouse growers, landscapers and professional turf managers worldwide. For more information on our products, technical specifications and research, check us out at www.sustane.com.

Greg Naffz

[email protected]

(530) 305-0539


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