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Sponsored: Organizational Risk Management Practices Survey

Parul Dubey on April 19, 2017 - in Feature

Informed Infrastructure shares with its readers a strong belief that liability and risk mitigation are serious issues that must continue to be addressed and scrutinized to make infrastructure projects as safe and successful as possible.

Recent examples of our content in these areas include columns by Douglas Fitzpatrick, P.E., founder and president of Fitzpatrick Engineering: “Managing Risk through Careful Planning,” March/April 2016, page 14; and “Picking Partners to Manage Risk,” May/June 2016, page 12. Our Executive Corner columns also have recently addressed risk: “Does the Valuation of Your Company’s Stock Reflect ALL its Risk?” September/October 2016, page 16; and “’I Know that E-mail’s Here Somewhere,’” November/December 2016, page 14.

And in this issue, our Change Leader profile, “Insurance and Risk Management Is Crucial for Construction,” features a discussion with two executives who intimately understand issues of liability and how to best avoid risk and associated litigation.

To further the insight and discussion, Informed Infrastructure worked with Bentley Systems to poll hundreds of members of the AEC community to get their thoughts and feedback regarding risk management. We invite you to read over this summary of the results as well as visit the full summary on our Web site, where you can watch an accompanying video of Bentley Systems’ CEO Greg Bentley discussing risk and its management. If you’d like to add your feedback, please email me at [email protected].

– Todd Danielson

Editorial Director, V1 Media and Informed Infrastructure

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