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Atkins Progresses with Prime Job in Oman to Meet Power Demand Requirements of 2021

Parul Dubey on January 9, 2017 - in Energy

Earlier this year, Oman Power and Water Procurement Co. (OPWP), member of Nama group, appointed Atkins Power & Renewables to provide technical advisory services for the development of the Power 2021 Procurement Cycle.

The current demand for power is in the region of 6,000MW. OPWP requires an expansion of the installed capacity of the power system by at least 800 MW to meet the forecast demand requirements of 2021. This additional capacity represents a significant increase.

The scope of work includes a site selection strategy to determine the project’s optimum location, and drafting the project definition report and competition paper. Atkins is also supporting the evaluation of developer prequalification submittals, and will assist with agreeing on the final short list of developers through to bid evaluation and award of contract to the successful bidder.

The development will provide additional security of supply to Oman and improve margin particularly during summer months when demand is greatest.

At the time of project award, Callum McLaurin, project director and head of business Middle East, said: “This is considered a strategic win as it provides us with exposure to a major client in the region with significant expansion plans and enables both parties to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship. Furthermore, this win enables us to expand our Omanisation programme via additional recruitment and also enhances our corporate CV in the ME region and in Oman.”

The additional of at least 800 MW of combined cycle gas turbine generation (CCGT) capacity in the region draws on the experience and expertise of a number of departments in differing geographies within Atkins, ranging from power generation and interconnection, process and mechanical, civil and structural, environmental, water and planning specialists.

The total duration of the project is expected to be 18 months. It is being managed by a team of engineers based in the power office in Abu Dhabi, with support from the wider Atkins community in UK, Oman and Bangalore.

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