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Architectural Surfaces, Inc., Makes Waves at Angle Lake Station

Parul Dubey on January 5, 2017 - in News, Projects

SEATAC, WA – When Doug Bixel, partner and president of Forrest Sound, needed a specific ceiling solution for the newly opened Angle Lake Station in the Seattle area, he turned to Architectural Surfaces, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-end acoustical wall and ceiling systems, and its Alumiline™ Linear Metal ceiling system. Architectural Surfaces came to the rescue for Bixel after the initial company that he was working with was unable to supply the originally specified ceiling. The Alumiline ceiling system was installed throughout the weather-exposed building, which provides frequent, reliable service to the airport, downtown Seattle and the University of Washington.


“The engineering firm specified a particular ceiling to complete the aesthetic they were looking for at Angle Lake Station,” says Bixel. “When that was not possible with the original vendor, we contacted the team at Architectural Surfaces. We have worked with them for many years and knew they would be able to provide the right system for the job. The Alumiline ceiling is made from a robust material that will endure the climate in Washington for years to come.”


Upon completion of the project, roughly 10,000 square feet of Alumiline was used. “The entire installation took our crew about 200 working days to complete,” says Bixel. “The installation went as expected and there were no surprises during the job. We also were able to set-up a jig to cut out exact dimensions for light fixtures that are staggered throughout the ceiling, which was a plus for us. Architectural Surfaces was also able to provide us with custom length, 13-foot planks to be used in the installation. The ceiling was designed as a sine wave and our crew provided a suspension-style ceiling and was able to manipulate the Alumiline system to meet the project needs.”


Architectural Surfaces’ Alumiline Linear Metal ceiling system planks are available from stock in elegant eight-foot and 10-foot lengths, four-inch and six-inch modules, solid-color anodized finishes or wrapped in natural wood laminate replication. They can also be customized to meet the needs of any project. This industry-first in ceiling planks is made from extruded aluminum and is not pan rolled like traditional metal ceiling planks. Alumiline is an excellent choice for external applications, as the material resists high humidity applications such as soffits, car ports, swimming pools and any project that will be exposed to the elements. Acoustical control can be accomplished when Echo Eliminator™ or Quiet Liner™ is installed behind the system.


Bixel and his team are thrilled with the final result of the ceiling at Angle Lake Station. “We are always happy to work with the folks at Architectural Surfaces. The company is fantastic; they have a great work ethic and their customer support is top-notch. We have had a relationship with Architectural Surfaces since about 2006, and look forward to using more of their products in our future work.”


Forrest Sound Products is an acoustical contracting company delivering turnkey, cost-efficient, eco-savvy services for architectural and industrial noise control. The rapidly-growing company has become one of the most recognized industrial acoustics and specialty contractors in the Pacific Northwest, California and Alaska, and is known for being the problem-solver for any noise issue.


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Architectural Surfaces, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of traditional high-quality solid and veneer wood and metal ready-to-install products for ceilings and walls. The company values its relationships with contractors and architects across the United States, who seamlessly integrate the artfully designed ready-made acoustical products to fit any environment, from corporate settings to religious centers. With seasoned architects and engineers on staff, the company is well-positioned to manage the project from start to finish. Architectural Surfaces, Inc., blends design and acoustics to create innovative sound control solutions that fit a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit www.architecturalsurfaces.net.

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