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Advanced Real-time GPS Tracking System Aids Security in Government Facility

Matt Ball on December 12, 2012 - in Facility Management, Products

Remote Tracking Systems Inc., (RTS) a leading manufacturer of real time GPS tracking system, vTrack, today announced the successful installation at a United States government facility. This location, which must remain undisclosed for security reasons, selected the RTS system for tracking dozens of key assets over a 25 square mile area.

This installation includes Vehicle Tracking Units (VTUs) which provides real time tracking with a 1 second update rate and 3.3 meter accuracy. The VTU’s communicate over a dedicated long range RF network which is integrated in a PSIM application, via our advanced middleware product, vGateway. The overall system provided advanced Situational Awareness and resulted in a significant reduction of nuisance alarms.

RTS’s President, Steve Pisciotta, said “This system met the very demanding requirements of a large coverage area and redundant computer systems while still maintaining 1 second update rate, added real value to the security system.”

RTS’s vTrack system with advanced GPS, Active RFID tracking combined with long-range RF capability or GSM, provides suite of products with high performance, real-time remote Indoor/Outdoor tracking for a wide variety of applications including Critical Infrastructure Security, Incident Management, Situational Awareness, Visitor Tracking and Intrusion Detection.

About Remote Tracking Systems Inc.
RTS is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in Global Positioning Satellite based tracking and security solutions for the military, industrial, education, and airport sectors. RTS answers the need for economical, real time tracking solutions by defining, designing and producing GPS based systems and components which have remote tracking capability. With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, Remote Tracking Systems serves national and international markets.

To find out more about Remote Tracking Systems Inc. visit our website at www.remotetrackingsystems.com

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