Austin, TX – At the AgileAssets 2016 International Users Conference in Austin, Texas, Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) claimed first place honors for the new AXIAM Award, which is given to a public or private agency for demonstrating excellence in infrastructure asset management.

The 2016 prize was awarded to MDT for their new safety information management system (SIMS) that was implemented to support Montana’s strategic safety program. The system is based on the AgileAssets® Safety Analyst™ software, and has already proven to bring great value to the systems’ users and subsequently the citizens of Montana.

“Montana is a Vision Zero state. Our goal is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries by 50% by 2030, and the new SIMS is proving to help us get there,” said Patricia Burke, Safety Engineer at MDT. “We now have a new process in place, where we can share vital information on crashes with other government agencies, and to identify and propose mitigation measures for identified crash locations on Montana’s roadway network. The single system gathers data from multiple sources where we can then analyze our network for “hot-spots” and recommend treatments, as well as share statistics, reports, maps, and details that will help us reduce the severity and number of crashes. I am excited that AgileAssets has recognized this project and I look forward to expanding the capabilities of the system even further”.

“I congratulate Montana DOT for their AXIAM award-winning SIMS project, and I am happy that our software system is helping to provide increased safety to Montana road users,” said Stuart Hudson, CEO of AgileAssets. “I believe that easy, intelligent use of data is key to safe and reliable roads, and Montana DOT has proven this in practice. It is a great win for all involved.”

Based on AgileAssets Safety Analyst, SIMS provides comprehensive access to crash data, including police reports, maps, notes and vehicle and driver information. All data is treated confidentially and forms the basis for corrective projects in cases where the infrastructure can be part of the problem. The system also compares crashes with roadway characteristics and tracks the impact of traffic safety programs.

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About Montana Department of Transportation

MDT’s guiding mission is to serve the public by providing a transportation system and services that emphasize quality, safety, cost effectiveness, economic vitality and sensitivity to the environment.  The agency oversees nearly 13,000 miles of urban and rural highway and is responsible for the design and maintenance of these roadways, oversees the state motor pool, motor carrier services, and safety for all users of the transportation network.  For more information, please visit