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Ramboll Wins Strategic Project for Morocco’s Future Energy Mix

Parul Dubey on November 9, 2016 - in Energy

In a joint venture with French partner Sofregaz, Ramboll will develop an integrated gas-to-power project for Morocco’s state power and water utility ONEE.

Ramboll and Sofregaz will be the technical advisor on the project, which will enable Morocco to secure and provide affordable energy supply while taking the next steps towards carbon-reduced energy supply.

The contract was negotiated last week in Casablanca. The project will be carried out from Copenhagen, Paris, Newcastle, Southampton, Abu Dhabi, Chennai, and Warsaw.

Diversifying the energy mix

Today, Morocco depends on fossil fuel imports to generate over 97% of its energy.

The gas-to-power project is part of a programme by ONEE to add 6 GW of flexible, largely gas-fired, power generation capacity, 4 GW of interconnectors with neighbouring countries, and 2 GW of pumped hydro, all by 2030. The planned LNG infrastructure and gas-fired power plants will enable Morocco to manage intermittency as it expands renewable capacity to over half of the installed mix in 2030.

Some 93 players from more than 20 countries have expressed interest to develop the project, which has an expected capital investment of more than 4.5 billion dollars.



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