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NOEtop Wall Formwork With One-Sided Tie Rod System

Parul Dubey on October 17, 2016 - in News, Products

Tie rods for formwork systems that can be installed from one side of the form are in great demand. NOE-Schaltechnik has answered the call with a special solution: the manufacturer’s NOEtop panel system can now be used with NOEtop EinsA one-sided tie-rods.

This gives NOEtop customers a particularly large advantage: they do not have to invest in a new panel system because the thoroughly tried-and-tested NOEtop formwork system is very easy to refit with NOEtop EinsA. A big plus for all contractors who already have NOEtop in their yards.

NOE-Schaltechnik launched NOEtop EinsA at bauma in April 2016. Contractor Grossman-Bau used the system shortly afterwards at Rosenheim for the con-struction of silo walls in a recycling centre in Munich. The contractor was trialling the new product to see if it would be suitable for use on future major projects. The results were very promising. Grossman-Bau’s site foreman had this to say: “Our people required very little training because we often use NOEtop wall formwork. Therefore, we were off to a flying start almost from the word go. For example, we saved considerable time on the 18 m and 5 m high walls – the formwork was approximately two hours quicker to erect and one hour quicker to strip.”

Tapering tie rods

The tie rod tapers and therefore no surrounding plastic spacer tube is required when using NOEtop EinsA. This means: the sleeve does not have to be cut to length and installed. There are no unused tie rod holes to be sealed, nor is it required to erect scaffolding on the far side of the formwork to install the tie rods. Instead, the system has a simple clamping mechanism that can be preset using a 10 mm increment. This is how the required wall thickness is set. The process takes hardly any time at all. Cost-effective rubber seals ensure there are no leaks at the tie rods. The formwork can be operated completely from one side.

NOEtop can be refitted with NOEtop EinsA

NOEtop EinsA can resist concrete pressures of up to 60 kN/m². The new product is perfect for all companies that already have NOEtop panels in their yard and now would like to use the one-sided tie rod system. They do not have to invest in a completely new formwork system in order to use these one-sided tie rods. Instead, they can use their existing panel system that has served them so well on many sites and have it refitted. The most suitable systems are NOEtop large area panels with their integral bracing members. The swivel bearing that holds the tapering tie rod end or the adjuster nut for the rod need only to be clamped in the bracing profile. Tie rod hole bridges can be supplied for refitting standard panels. All available sizes of panel can also be manufactured as standard for use with NOEtop EinsA.


Any company interested in one-sided tie rod systems and wishing to use this one does not necessarily have to invest in a new panel system. With the NOEtop panel system, it is possible to muse a practice-proven formwork system in conjunction with NOEtop EinsA to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by one-sided tie rod installation.

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