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From The Editor: An Honor and Privilege to Serve Our AEC Community

Mark Scacco on October 12, 2016 - in Column

Ten years ago, I gave a presentation at the Trimble Dimensions annual training and networking seminar. The session was focused on the interoperability between Trimble’s data collection and reduction software, and Autodesk’s CAD modeling software, so it wasn’t surprising to find a packed room when the session began.

I had spoken to large crowds before, but this was different. Many in the room were older than me, had been in the industry longer than me, and, while we were all tackling the same problems, they were approaching it from a different point of view than I was used to. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous as I felt the responsibility to deliver a great class settle over me.

Having worked in this industry for many years, I had seen users and their firms struggle to get the most from their investments in hardware and software. I was invited to speak at this popular event, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

Passion to Help

Jitters and all, what drove me to be in front of the audience that day was the passion to help engineers, surveyors and contractors integrate modeling and design software into their workflows to reap the benefits of time savings, reduced costs and/or increased profits. That same passion was one of the driving forces behind my founding in 2001 of Engineered Efficiency, an AEC technology consulting firm, and that passion still pushes my firm today.

As I walked through the exhibit hall after that session a decade ago, I met Kevin Carmody, now the publisher of Informed Infrastructure. At the time, he was working for a different magazine, and we had traded emails and talked several times by phone, but this was the first in-person meeting.

We hit it off immediately, due not only to his friendly nature, but also because he shared that same desire to do his part to move the AEC industry forward. So it was no surprise when I got a phone call from him years later, asking if I wanted to participate as a columnist for a new print magazine he and his colleagues were launching: Informed Infrastructure.

Using the Best Tools

As an industry, the AEC community is fortunate to have some truly incredible and powerful tools at its disposal. For years, we’ve been wowed by ever-advancing technology and, at the same time, struggled to integrate this tech into our (usually) profitable business models. The best professionals are informed professionals who take advantage of the best tools.

One of the main reasons I joined the editorial staff of Informed Infrastructure is because this magazine is one of those “best tools.” What makes it such a useful tool for engineers and others in our industry is the depth and breadth of coverage. From the practical use-it-today product reviews to the common-sense advice and reflections of the columnists to the near- and far-future-looking features on what can and will be done, the magazine truly is a resource “by engineers for engineers.”

My day job still is president of Engineered Efficiency, helping those in our industry get the most from their tech investments via hands-on consulting and our eLearning platform, Wareflix.com. However, I also see a big overlap in the mission of my firm and this magazine.

So, with jitters and all, I’m driven by that same passion to stand in front of this much-larger audience and take on the role of Editor in Residence for Informed Infrastructure. The founder and previous editor, Matt Ball, did an outstanding job of getting this publication where it is today, and he deserves all of our gratitude for bringing this resource to the industry. He set a high standard of excellence, and I’ll do my best to meet those standards and continue to contribute to this influential magazine and the vital infrastructure industry.

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Mark Scacco, P.E., is a 25-year veteran of AEC technology and design consulting. He is an AEC Industry Consultant with Scacco LLC and can be reached via email at [email protected].

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