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Cardno Expert Shares Her Story to Inspire Women in the Water Industry

Parul Dubey on October 6, 2016 - in News, People

Sarah Hesse, Business Unit Manager for the Water and Environment team, presented as part of a panel of key female figures working in the water industry for the NSW Women in Water event. The event was hosted by the Australian Water Association on September 29 in Sydney.

She presented her story on how she came into the industry and her achievements to date including her managerial role with the water and environment team she leads today. The intent of the panel was to provide women with insights on how these women faced challenges in the water sector and how they overcame different hurdles.

The NSW Women in Water event is an opportunity to network and celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary leading ladies that inspire others in the water sector. The event brings women in the water sector together to discuss how to inspire others to create positive change within the industry.

Sarah has over 17 years’ experience leading multidisciplinary teams in the water resources and environment sector in Australia, and has a passion for ensuring the sustainable use of our natural resources. Her diverse range of expertise includes emergency planning, preparedness and incident response for floods, fires as well as engineering and environmental incidents. She also chairs the peak industry body Australian Water Associations (AWA) Water in Mining Specialist Network, and is a member of the Environmental Water Management and Water Quality and Analysis specialist networks.

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