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Pinellas County Signs Woolpert to $6.5M Software Implementation Deal

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2016 - in Corporate, News

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla.  — Woolpert has been hired by Pinellas County to implement Cityworks software and develop a comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) program.

The $6.5 million, multiyear contract includes the development of an asset management program, software installation and configuration, enterprise system integrations and deployment to all divisions that manage county infrastructure assets.

The asset management program will align with internationally recognized standards established by The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and documented in ISO 55000.

“We’ll be building an asset management framework and developing content to help the county make the best long-term decisions when it comes to repairing or replacing its $4 billion in assets,” said Program Director Steve Schwabe, one of Woolpert’s 12 IAM-certified professionals. “Not every asset needs to be treated equally, and this program will allow the county to prioritize assets in terms of importance to their operations. Then they can optimize their preventive maintenance programs and reactive maintenance procedures such that critical assets receive the attention they require, and time and money are not overextended to an asset with a smaller value or risk of failure.”

Jim Fletcher, Pinellas County’s EAM program sponsor, said the economy and the aging infrastructure of the county factored into the decision to adopt this program.

“We needed to take a hard look at the way we’re doing business and specifically our asset and infrastructure management plan, which was not sustainable,” Fletcher said.

He added that the county has taken proactive steps to address the need.

“This is a global approach, and our business case clearly supported EAM implementation,” he said. “The rest of the world believes that the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards are the bible for effective and responsible asset management.”

Schwabe said Pinellas County is extremely well-run and responsible, and lauded the municipality for professionally managing its multibillion-dollar portfolio.

“They’re a very sophisticated and forward-thinking group, and they’ve spent nearly three years figuring out what this project should be,” Schwabe said. “It’s been refreshing to work with an organization that understands the difference between an asset management software and an asset management program. Pinellas is going about things the right way by developing a program within which their asset management tools will be applied.”

Dragonfly Consultants is part of the Woolpert team, helping Pinellas County employees prepare and adapt to change as a result of a large-scale system implementation.

“In order to get the full benefits of this system, the county understands the culture will need to shift. They are committed to understanding the impact and implications this will have on how people lead, manage and work every day,” said Adrienne Seal, managing partner and coach at Dragonfly Consultants. “We’re helping Pinellas understand how being proactive about change and using an inclusive change approach will make these implementations more successful and sustainable.”

Steven Alston is the county’s EAM change management lead.

“Some change you’re prepared for, and some change you have to deal with as it occurs,” Alston said. “At end of the day, it’s all about supporting these individuals and getting them and the county where we need to be by ensuring alignment of our people, work process and technology.”

The implementation is scheduled to get underway in October.

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