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Is Industrial Wastewater Hurting Your Hip Pocket?

Parul Dubey on September 8, 2016 - in Events, Wastewater, Water

Cardno’s water engineers understand the many challenges that industrial wastewater can create on site, as well as the costly and damaging downstream effects. We work alongside our clients and utility providers to find innovative solutions to reduce, reuse and treat industrial wastewater. Like to know more? Our experts will be attending and exhibiting at the International Water Association World Water Congress in Brisbane, Australia from 9 to 13 October. Come and see how Cardno is “Shaping the Future”

Industrial wastewater is one of the key challenges facing the water industry in developed countries and emerging markets alike. Virtually all goods-producing activities generate pollutants and unwanted by-products, which are washed away in wastewater, presenting a risk to the environment and public health. This industrial wastewater is more unpredictable than typical domestic wastewater, including by-products in the form of Oxygen-consuming materials, solids, oils, heavy metals, acids, cyanide, salts, phenols. Cardno’s wastewater process experts have worked with private companies and water businesses to reduce the impact of industrial wastewater and the life cycle costs around the world. We have:



  • Designed solutions to treat landfill contaminated groundwater. In Tuscon, Arizona, we designed a solution to remove volatile organic compounds, selenium and 1-4 Dioxane for the contaminated groundwater at the Silverbell Landfill and recycle the polished water for irrigation of parks, golf courses, and ornamental lakes.
  • Designed and/or optimised various industrial wastewater treatment plants, in particular for Sawmill and laminated veneer lumber plants and Abattoirs.
  • Helped water and wastewater utilities to understand and manage trade waste from large industrial customers in their catchments. In Brisbane, Australia, Cardno developed an interactive mass balance model capable of defining and managing industrial trade waste streams for Queensland Urban Utilities. The model traced 55 typical constituents of industrial wastewater through the network to better understand the limitations of treatment plant capacity.
  • Assisted various Local Authorities with trade waste management framework and charging strategies. For the Timaru District Council in New Zealand, we assisted with the Trade Waste consenting, mass balance, and charging strategy. This also included a review of industrial onsite treatment and best practice for New Zealand and international for each of the 10 major industries)

Our expertise ranges from water quality sampling and monitoring, through to the design and commissioning of treatment facilities. We have also assisted in the development of policy and management plans for public utilities in managing trade waste. Interested in knowing more? Get in contact with our Water/Wastewater Process Engineering Team Leader Brett Eaton at [email protected] or make a time to meet Brett at the International Water Association World Water Congress in Brisbane, Australia this October.

Brett is Cardno’s Water/Wastewater Process Engineering Team Leader with over ten years’ experience Process Engineering for municipal and industrial water/wastewater treatment processes, in particular design, optimisation, risk assessment, source control, and modelling. Brett has fulfilled various technical, project, client, and business management roles in this specialisation area, and is currently the leader of Cardno’s New Zealand water process team.

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