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Dubuque Rolls Out Smarter Water Portal with IBM's Help

Matt Ball on March 11, 2013 - in Water

After the successful completion of a Smarter Water Pilot Study earlier this year, expanded access is the Smarter Water Portal is now available. There is no additional cost or equipment needed to utilize this new tool designed to help residents and businesses make more informed decisions about how they use water and track the associated costs. Up to 4,000 additional households and small businesses can now access Dubuque’s Smarter Water Portal, an interactive website developed in collaboration with IBM Research for utility customers to more closely monitor their water usage.

Dubuque’s Smarter Water Pilot Study was a Smarter Sustainable Dubuque project conducted in conjunction with the City’s community-wide water meter replacement project. More than 300 Dubuque households participated in this 12-month pilot study which helped reduce water utilization by 6.6 percent and increased leak detection and response eight-fold among participants.

The Smarter Water Portal provides a customer-specific, integrated view of water usage. The data is collected hourly and transmitted daily. Usage data can be displayed in gallons, cost, or by carbon footprint. The portal also provides leak detection and notification, historical usage data, and comparative data.

View IBM Research’s Final Report on the Pilot Study

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