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London Plans a 'Crossrail for Bikes'

Matt Ball on March 9, 2013 - in Transportation

The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling will create a ‘Crossrail for the bike’ as part of his plans for a nearly £1 billion investment in London cycling. The route will run for more than 15 miles, very substantially segregated, from the western suburbs, through the heart of London, to Canary Wharf and Barking.

It will use new segregated cycle tracks along, among other places, the Victoria Embankment and the Westway flyover. It is believed to be the longest substantially-segregated cycle route of any city in Europe.

Watch the following video for the Cycle Boulevard concept along Victoria Embankment:

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Other elements in the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling include:

  • A new ‘Central London Grid’ of bike routes in the City and West End, using segregation, quiet streets, and two-way cycling on one-way traffic streets, to join all the other routes together
  • A new network of ‘Quietways’ – direct, continuous, fully-signposted routes on peaceful side streets, running far into the suburbs, and aimed at people put off by cycling in traffic
  • Substantial improvements to both existing and proposed Superhighways, including some reroutings
  • Major improvements to the worst junctions, making them safer and less threatening for cyclicsts
  • Work to make HGVs safer
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