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FARO's Laser Scan Processing Software Clearer and Easier

Matt Ball on November 11, 2012 - in Modeling

FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO): Where large-scale laser scanning projects are undertaken, there are generally large data sets at the end. It is therefore crucial to maintain a clear overview of complex scan projects. After all, the data forms are the basis for all further planning work. With the latest version (5.1) of FARO’s scan processing software SCENE, data management and scan processing are now clearer and easier.

FARO has now integrated the so-called “Clipping Box” into the software. This tool steers the focus purposefully to those parts of the scan material that are relevant for the actual planning. The software offers users a point cloud view, comprised of countless scan points or a realistic photo view. The Clipping Box can now be used with just a few clicks to select the sections of the data material that are relevant. These are then cut out and highlighted, and irrelevant material is blended out. It is therefore possible to create and visualise specific detailed views. Every Clipping Box with such detail from the scan project can be given a name, which makes it easier to retrieve at a later date. This, in turn, makes the work easier, creates order and reduces the quantity of data for export to CAD software, since users can choose to transfer selected data only as required.

With the help of the Clipping Box, the user also has the possibility of saving orthophotos in TIFF format. This enables to work in the available CAD software even if it cannot read scans, i.e. point clouds. The orthophotos then serve as a basis for drawings. These scaled images can be exported for further processing in virtually any 2D or 3D CAD system.

The new version of SCENE offers faster automatic positioning of a project’s individual scans. This is assisted by improved plane recognition and newly integrated automatic determination of the principle scan direction. This is very useful particularly in relation to the positioning of individual scans without previously defined and set registration marks, meaning sources of error are minimised. The automatic correspondence search, which searches for natural registration marks in scans, takes only half as long in SCENE 5.1 as in previous versions.

The new version of the scan processing software from FARO also boasts an improved app interface. This permits straightforward app management and allows the software developer to program new apps easily for additional special purposes and to make them available on the new FARO website.

With a SpaceMouse from the manufacturer 3Dconnexion, which can easily be integrated into SCENE 5.1, navigation in three-dimensional scans becomes simple and streamlined. This means areas of detail relevant to planning can be accessed quickly.

About FARO

About FARO
FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement technology. The Company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, production planning, documenting large volume spaces or structures in 3D, surveying and construction, as well as for investigation and reconstruction of accident sites or crime scenes.

Worldwide, approximately 15,000 customers are operating more than 30,000 installations of FARO’s systems. The Company’s global headquarters is located in Lake Mary, Fla., its European head office in Stuttgart, Germany and its Asia/Pacific head office in Singapore. FARO has branches in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

Further information: http://www.faro.com 

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