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Robots and Lasers Document Philadelphia's Underground Infrastructure

Matt Ball on July 12, 2012 - in Corporate, Facility Management, Modeling

Center City in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a confluence of transportation, shopping, business, and government agency activity, with several multilevel spaces (including underground) within a few blocks. The City of Philadelphia is committed to encouraging business and real estate development in the area and has embarked on an innovative project to build up the area while at the same time making certain the downtown area remains ready for business every day.

PenBay Solutions, an Esri Partner headquartered in Brunswick, Maine, was contracted by the city to provide facility management mapping services for a pilot project aimed at testing the effectiveness of a total 3D GIS solution. This service included interior data collection using an innovative robotic platform employing 3D lidar. The robotic platform collected thousands of data samples as it was guided by a surveyor through the buildings. The data was precisely geolocated to a point on a high-resolution map of the interior space. This allowed staff to develop spatially accurate floor map data of the underground infrastructure that connects several notable buildings along Market Street in Philadelphia.

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