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SAP's 'Urban Matters' Initiative Aimed at Smarter Cities

Matt Ball on May 30, 2012 - in Corporate, Maintenance, Smart Cities

The recently launched the SAP Urban Matters program is an initiative with the goal of helping cities and urban settlements improve the lives of people and deliver better, more effective government. The initiative focuses on helping customers and partners address the issues associated with rapid urbanization, the drive for smarter economies, the need for sustainable growth and the power of connected citizens. The initiative’s primary focus is helping urban governments deliver better-run cities. SAP’s strategy addresses five key aspects: supporting the fundamentals of good government; empowering public officials to be more productive; increasing community engagement and openness; driving innovation around government service delivery; and improving urban resilience to help ensure public safety and security.

SAP has a strong and growing global presence in urban governments – from Berlin to Sydney, from Cape Town to Philadelphia, from Singapore to Birmingham, from Vienna to Buenos Aires. SAP Urban Matters allows the company to deepen its understanding and broaden its focus around city, municipal and state government.

“Our industry vision, expertise and ‘best-run’ know-how act as a force multiplier,” said Jens Romaus, senior vice president and global head, Public Services Industry Solutions, SAP. “This year, on SAP’s 40th anniversary, we have supercharged our public services strategy for cities and municipalities. With SAP Urban Matters, we can accelerate innovation with our customers and connect directly to the lives of people.”

The profound changes and growth in urban settlements require fresh thinking and creativity around how municipalities can run better. SAP Urban Matters helps municipalities to engage with citizens, improve efficiency, deliver better services, improve tax and revenue collection, address social inclusion, open up government and increase public safety and sustainability.

“SAP is already working closely with urban governments around the world,” said Sean Patrick O’Brien, global lead, Urban Management and Public Safety, SAP. “In India and China, we are helping innovate around urban transportation; in Australia and the UK, we are helping innovate around public safety; in Germany and the U.S., we are helping to innovate around good governance; in the Nordics and South Africa, we are helping deliver service innovation; in Austria and the Nordics, we are innovating around community engagement. With SAP Urban Matters, we are taking our existing expertise, experience and technology innovations to a new level.”

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