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Elster to Call for Smart Grid 'Security by Design' for Europe

Matt Ball on May 8, 2012 - in Projects, Security

Addressing delegates at Metering and Billing CRM Europe in the Netherlands, Frank Hyldmar, Executive Vice President, Elster Electricity International, will explore the crucial challenge of security in the Smart Grid. Ahead of the conference, Hyldmar, who is chairing the ‘Ensuring security and privacy’ session stated: “We encourage all utilities and industry players to put security at the top of the Smart Grid agenda. Security and privacy are key factors in ensuring consumer buy-in for Smart Metering and the Smart Grid. Ultimately, robust security technology and privacy protocols will help win customer trust and make Smart Metering rollouts a success.”Read More

Hyldmar’s talk is at 14.00 CET on Tuesday 4th October and will cover security from a standardisation point of view, the impact of security on Smart Grid architecture and regulation expected from the European Commission. Hyldmar will also discuss the necessity to make Smart Grid technology ‘interoperable by design’ to ensure that key security features are integrated into technology solutions. Read More

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