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Ahmad Soueid Named President-Elect of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

Parul Dubey on August 22, 2016 - in News, People

HDR is pleased to announce that Ahmad Soueid, Principal and Senior Vice President, has been elected as President-Elect on the Executive Board for the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), a multidisciplinary, international society of professionals with recognized expertise in the areas of contamination control/cleanrooms, environmental testing, and nanotechnology facilities.

Ahmad has been active in promoting good design practices within the IEST Nanotechnology Institute. He served as Chair of the Nanotechnology Working group that developed IEST-RP-NANO200—Planning of Nanoscale Science and Technology Facilities: Guidelines for Design, Construction, and Start-Up.  He also served as a voting member in the working group that produced the recently published IEST-RP-NANO205.1—Nanotechnology Safety: Application of Prevention through Design Principles to Nanotechnology Facilities. In the past five years, Ahmad served on the IEST Executive Board in his capacity as IAC Vice President and subsequently served as the IEST Vice President of Planning.

Ahmad has over 25 years of focused experience on the design of technically challenging facilities and provides creative design solutions for projects in advanced research fields such as nanotechnology, metrology, material sciences and quantum computing. With prestigious clients that include National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Purdue University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory in the US, the National Physical Laboratory in the UK, and the University of New South Wales in Australia, in addition to many clients throughout the Middle East, Ahmad is considered a global leader in planning, design and construction of facilities established for research or production at the nanometer scale.

IEST is globally recognized for its standards development, training and certificate program, and technical conferences. Ahmad will assume the role of IEST president in July of 2017.

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